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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Russia mobilized 300,000 new soldiers. They’re just poorly equipped and trained | Task and Purpose

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The 300,000 additional troops that Russia had mobilized to support its invasion of Ukraine are now in place. 

On Friday, October 28, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin on television and declared the operation a success. Shoigu omitted to mention how ill-equipped and unprepared these reinforcements are. The Associated Press reported on numerous instances of newly deployed Russian soldiers griping on social media about a variety of problems, such as rusted weaponry, a lack of equipment during the cooler months, and food shortages. The Associated Press discovered that soldiers sometimes had no shelter at all and sleep on the floor. Shoigu stated that 82,000 of this new army have already been sent to Ukraine at his announcement. The rest are undergoing training. It’s unclear what that training entails because some people just receive a few weeks at most. Since their initial training, reserve members who have been called up have not had any. Russia had been having difficulty getting more people to sign contracts to join the military before to Putin’s decree in September. People started recruiting in St. Petersburg homeless shelters when things became desperate. Putin’s order to mobilize the military was intended to address these problems by enlisting more people into the military more swiftly. 



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