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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Robert Howard: The Decorated Green Beret Who was Nominated for the MoH Three Times | War History Online

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Robert Howard was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery in Vietnam.

The Medal of Honor was given to Robert Howard for his valor in Vietnam. He lobbed a grenade into an enemy bunker, killing everyone inside, and then used an anti-tank weapon to destroy the emplacement. This allowed the rescue chopper to evacuate him and the rest of his squad. Due to secret missions, Howard was nominated for the Medal three times but only granted it once. Robert Howard’s company was attacked by hostile forces in Laos in November 1968.

Howard risked his life to destroy an armored vehicle with an anti-tank missile. Howard was nominated for the Medal of Honor for his contributions during this conflict. He was instead awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. In December 1968, Howard joined a rescue squad to bring back Sgt. Robert F. Scherdin of the Special Forces. A ten-man crew was dropped off near the crossroads of Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam.

Jenson was classified missing in action since his corpse was never discovered. After fighting pancreatic cancer, Howard was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery in 2009.


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