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Friday, December 9, 2022

Retail Therapy: Inside The Apple Store Let’s get ready to Rumble | McSWEENEY’S

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An Apple employee is never supposed to point when giving instructions in their shop,

For instance, a professional should offer an open hand signal or, better yet, lead the consumer to the appropriate spot when asked where the iPhone cases are available. Why? The hospitality at the Ritz Carlton emerged as the most exceptional customer service experience that brainstorming executives could recall while developing the philosophy underlying Apple Retail. Any bellhop, janitor, or cleaner in a Ritz Carlton hotel is instructed to stop what they’re doing and personally show you the way if you ask them for directions it strengthens client loyalty.

 Source:Retail Therapy: Inside the Apple Store: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency (mcsweeneys.net) 


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