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Friday, December 9, 2022

Researchers warn of mental health risks of high-potency cannabis | Anchorage Daily News

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The association between high-potency THC and an elevated likelihood of experiencing psychosis. 

Researcher Beatriz Carlini browses a few local cannabis sellers’ websites. Her screen shows a yellow substance that resembles raw honey, or “Cake Batter,” as the product’s advertising calls it. It says 65% THC on the label. The widespread availability of dabs and other highly concentrated chemicals is alarming doctors and a group of research scientists in the Pacific Northwest who see it as a quiet but growing threat to public health, especially among young adults and teenagers. Legislators are thinking about new rules like a THC cap or a greater fee on products with powerful ingredients. Heightened risk of developing psychosis years sooner than would otherwise be expected in persons at risk for the condition — has recently come to light thanks to studies in adults. Delusions and hallucinations are among the symptoms of psychosis, which entails a loss of reality awareness.

Source: https://www.adn.com/nation-world/2022/10/09/researchers-warn-of-mental-health-risks-of-high-potency-cannabis/


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