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Monday, December 5, 2022

Research Roundup: How Technology Is Transforming Work | Harvard Business Review

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New levels of productivity and efficiency across a wide range of applications and organizations are predicted to be brought about by digital technologies. 

The modern workplace is being transformed by emerging digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence recruiting tools, industrial automation, and robotic assistants. Numerous of these systems make claims about increasing effectiveness, productivity, and well-being, but how do they actually impact the people who use them on a daily basis? However, how are they altering the daily interactions that the employees have with them?  Key findings from many recent studies that examine the complex effects of technology on the modern workplace and workforce, including both its evident advantages and significant disadvantages. The current surge of digital workplace tools is neither entirely beneficial nor entirely detrimental, as with growth in every new technology. Leaders must constantly question their assumptions, avoid oversimplification, and seek to ensure that their judgments are not influenced by gut feelings or knee-jerk reactions as new research analyzes these diverse effects.



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