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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Remains of Revolutionary War Soldiers Killed in 1777 Found in NJ Field | Military

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Rowan University archaeologists have uncovered the site of a forgotten Revolutionary War fight.

Up to twelve persons were thought to have been Hessian troops fighting for the British against the American army. According to authorities from Rowan University who assist manage the excavation, they were murdered in 1777 after a fight. In addition, archaeologists discovered musket balls, brass buttons, a knee buckle with human blood, and a gold guinea of King George III. The victory in the Battle of Red Bank was significant for the Continental Army. 377 of the 2,000 Hessian soldiers were slain, whereas just 14 of the 500 troopers of the winning Continental Army were killed.

Forensic scientists aim to identify some or all of the individuals who were lost on the battlefield 245 years ago. A grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission supported the first archaeological investigation of the trench. The soldiers’ remains will ultimately be reinterred at another location. Over the years, the Battle of Red Bank has made further surprising discoveries. In 2015, a piece of a British cannon weighing up to 400 pounds was discovered two feet underground.

Source: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/08/02/remains-of-revolutionary-war-soldiers-killed-1777-found-nj-field.html

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