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Friday, March 24, 2023

Recalibrating Special Operations Risk Tolerance for the Future Fight | War on the Rocks

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U.S. Special Operations Forces tolerated extremely high operational risk levels during normal training exercises throughout the Cold War 

The Green Light teams would simulate hostile territory by parachuting into it while using real Small Atomic Demolition Munitions. Over the past 20 years, special operations units have had success on the battlefield. These tactical victories, however, do not adequately prepare the Green Light teams for the hazards they will encounter during large-scale combat operations against a strategic foe. The risk they took on during training was appropriate for the fighting environment. The modern U.S. military goes to great measures to prevent losses because it is completely unused to experiencing them. Fighting non-state players made it feasible, but future battles won’t allow for this. Nobody will ever want to witness needless deaths. 



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