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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Rebooting The Arsenal Of Democracy | War On The Rocks

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The Rise of Military Robotics and the Coming Military Revolution

David Rothkopf: The American military-industrial base, which once created science-fiction-like technologies, has ceased inventing. China and Russia quickly updated their armed forces to negate the United States, including weaponry. China currently prevails in U.S. Defense Department wargames that simulate battles with China. Only better military technology can prevent conflict realistically, but our defense contractors are losing the capacity to produce it.

Two-thirds of binding contracts for military systems in the United States are awarded to a single bidder. 1 to 4 percent of industry income is allocated to internal research and development: Anduril is one of several innovative startups developing technologies for our military personnel. We want military firms that are quick, self-sufficient, and able to offer their goods “off the shelf.” The software enables autonomous systems, networked weaponry, cyberweapons, and other technologies.

Prime contractors are used to slowly creating massive, intricate hardware systems such as combat planes. On the other hand, the software is built by rapidly releasing a minimal viable product and seeing where it fails.

Source: https://warontherocks.com/2022/06/rebooting-the-arsenal-of-democracy/

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