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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Quds: How Dangerous Are Iran’s Special Forces? | 1945

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What Kind of Risk Do Iran’s Special Forces Pose? 

A variety of specialized elite forces are present in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The elite Quds Force, which specializes in extraterritorial operations, is Tehran’s best-known special forces group. The Saberin Battalions of the Ground Force and the Marine Brigades of the Navy are two more special forces organizations that are part of the Guard Corps. The Artesh, its regular army, is in charge of its own group of elite troops. Although every specialized force operating under the Iranian flag contributes significantly to the nation’s offensive and/or defensive operations, the Quds Force is regarded as the most potent and important organization. This elite squad, which carries out the clerical regime’s objectives beyond international borders, possesses possibly Iran’s most powerful resources.



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