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Saturday, January 28, 2023

PUMPED UP I’m a female bodybuilder in elite police force – I look unrecognizable now from my days as a scrawny teen | The US Sun

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Natalya Polosenko, a Ukrainian who serves in her nation’s special forces, works out and enjoys an active lifestyle in her spare time.  

Natalya, who now resides in Kyiv and joined the police in 2020, is originally from Korosten, a town in the Zhytomyr area. She has been able to amass a legion of followers and frequently posts images from her workouts to her social media accounts. She proudly displays the fruits of her labor on Instagram, where there are also images from before her startling makeover. She participates in the Ukrainian national tug-of-war team and enjoys boxing as well. She assists in the training of her coworkers in addition to carrying out her officer responsibilities. 



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