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Friday, December 9, 2022

Project 404: United States Air Force Advisory Mission and the CIA’s Secret War in Laos | Grey Dynamics

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The United States Aviation Force was entrusted with providing covert air assistance to the military forces of the Kingdom of Laos through a number of covert missions in collaboration with the CIA in 1966.

This clandestine operation gave rise to the Raven Forward Aviation Controllers, maybe the most well-known air unit of the Vietnam War. The terms of the 1962 Declaration on the Neutrality of Laos were not unilaterally broken by the United States. All three nations had military outposts, advisory, and training missions there, including the North Vietnamese, Chinese, and Soviets. In 1962, the North Vietnamese refused to leave Laos, which led to the start of the Secret War in Laos. The Viet Cong created the Ho Chi Minh Trail as a way to gain strategic depth. The foundation of this supply chain was Laos. The Raven, 404, and Palace Dog operations, as well as previous initiatives like Water Pump, White Star, and Hotfoot, all benefited greatly from the participation of the CIA’s airline, Air America.


Source: https://greydynamics.com/project-404-united-states-air-force-advisory-mission-and-the-cias-secret-war-in-laos/ 



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