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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pet Cat Helps Brother Dog Who Went Blind To Navigate Around The Home By Meowing | Zenger

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The beautiful story of a blind dog and his companion white cat.

The dog was blind in one eye and had deteriorating lens troubles in the other. The veterinarians advised surgery to protect Blaze’s remaining vision and avoid glaucoma, but it was ineffective. Fortunately, his cat Satin has learned to ‘speak’ to him and helps him navigate and adapt to his blindness. The cat avoided collisions with the 80-pound dog by using her meows and chirps as sonar. Before he trampled on her, Blaze would dash out of the room.

Source: https://www.zenger.news/2022/08/04/pet-cat-helps-brother-dog-who-went-blind-to-navigate-around-the-home-by-meowing/

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