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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Peloton’s Robin Arzón Shares Her Tips for Having a Better Stroller Run | Women’s Running

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Everything You Need to Know Before Using a Jogging Stroller for Running

Robin Arzón is an expert in pre-and post-natal exercise and has clocked many stroller miles. As a new mother, she has been “freeing myself from any immediate, perceived conceptions of what constitutes a ‘good’ or ‘poor’ run.” Her running stroller is also her everyday usage stroller. She explains how to make jogging with her kid an enjoyable experience. Strollers are hefty and will add difficulty to your stride, particularly for new mothers.

Instead of concentrating on speed, Arzón recommends focusing on intervals and breaking up the run in an enjoyable manner. If possible, pack lightly: fight the impulse to stuff the stroller’s many pockets and storage compartments, and stick to the necessities. Numerous women like jogging because it affords them time to be alone and fully concentrate on themselves. It is essential to speak out and request time alone if you need it. Self-care is a precautionary measure. It shouldn’t be a resource we use in a pinch.

Source: https://www.womensrunning.com/training/road/pelotons-robin-arzon-tips-for-having-a-better-stroller-run/

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