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Saudi Arabia begins receiving new AH-64E Apache helos

Saudi Arabia has begun receiving the first of its new AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopters from Boeing, images posted online in early September appear to show. According to these pictures, at least three AH-64E helicopter have arrived in the kingdom having been transported from Boeing’s Mesa production facility in Arizona aboard an Antonov An-124 ‘Condor’ strategic transport aircraft. Saudi media ... Read More »

Spain To Relieve Dutch Patriots in Turkey

Spain will deploy two Patriot batteries and 130 troops to Turkey in January to replace the two batteries being withdrawn by the Netherlands, Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenes announced Sept. 17.The Netherlands informed NATO in August that it would withdraw its Patriots in January, when their mandate runs out. Deployed in January 2013, the two Dutch Patriot batteries are located ... Read More »

Leaks Claim 40 ISIS Cells Are Waiting to Strike Lebanon

The morning after Obama promised to “degrade and ultimately destroy” Isis, Lebanon woke up to news of more fatal clashes with jihadists on its fraying borders. In Beirut’s glittering Downtown district, workers were morose. Taxi driver Imad used to make a good living ferrying expatriates between shops, hotels and restaurants. “Now there are no clients,” he complained. “The tourists are ... Read More »

Rapid Trident exercise takes place in Ukraine, a country at war

Young Ukrainian cadets lay concealed in the bushes, prepared to test their skills against seasoned troops from the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade. Fake grenades exploded and the sound of gunfire burst from the bushes as the Ukrainians took the fight to the U.S. soldiers, who were eventually forced to retreat from the onslaught. It’s just an exercise. But for ... Read More »

NATO to fast-track rapid-reaction force

NATO’s new rapid-reaction “spearhead” force, meant as a deterrent to Russian aggression, should be up and running with initial capabilities in less than a year, a top alliance official said Thursday. The creation of a 4,000 to 5,000 troop response force, which will be able to respond to a crisis in eastern Europe within two to three days, was a ... Read More »

Poland pushes for joint Visegrad defence procurement

The Polish Ministry of National Defence and Armed Forces and the Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers have taken the initiative and are urging member states of the Visegrad 4 (V4) group of countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) to co-operate more closely on specific defence programmes that the four countries are currently pursuing independently. “In principal it is ... Read More »

Ukrainian President Requests Lethal Military Aid from US

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called on the US to help Kiev modernize its ill-equipped army with lethal and non-lethal weapons during a visit to the US capital on Thursday. The US has only provided the Ukrainian military — which has been fighting Russian soldiers and Moscow-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine for several months — with non-lethal aid and equipment. The ... Read More »

Troops face off at India-China border as nation’s leaders meet

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China’s President Xi Jinping preside over two of Asia’s biggest economies, each with a population well over 1 billion. But when the two leaders met for a summit this week in India, their handshakes and pledges of cooperation were overshadowed by a mere 1,000 soldiers and a group of yak herders miles away on ... Read More »

US Official: Chinese Want NSA Cyber Schools. Really.

Chinese universities are welcome to adopt the U.S. National Security Agency’s cyber education program, the top U.S. computer security education official said, after a recent trip to Beijing. Entrepreneurs in China have voiced support for improving the notoriously spotty relations between the U.S. and China in cyberspace by patterning Chinese courses on NSA-approved curricula, said Ernest McDuffie, head of the ... Read More »

Compensation expected soon for Philippine reef damage from grounded ship

The Philippines is expected to get a U.S. government payout soon to compensate for damage caused when a Navy minesweeper ran aground on a protected reef over a year ago. U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg told reporters Monday that the U.S. government was in the final stages of reviewing a Foreign Claims Act compensation request that was received ... Read More »

Indonesia commissions third KCR-60M missile craft

The Indonesian Navy’s (Tentera Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL’s) third KCR-60M missile attack craft, KRI Halasan (630), was commissioned in a 17 September ceremony presided over by defence minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro.The commissioning was conducted at PT PAL’s shipyard in Surabaya, where the vessel was built. It follows the successful delivery and induction of sister ships KRI Sampari (628) ... Read More »

Fear of Ebola Drives Mob to Kill Officials in Guinea

The bodies of eight officials and journalists who went to a remote village in Guinea to dispel rumors about the deadly Ebola outbreak gripping the region were discovered after a rock-hurling mob attacked the delegation, claiming that it had come to spread the illness, a government spokesman said Thursday. The delegation had left for the village on Tuesday for what ... Read More »

Nigeria to buy ‘significant number’ of Russian helos

Russia concluded a deal with Nigeria last month on deliveries of a ‘significant’ consignment of Mil transport and attack helicopters, according to a senior official with the state-owned corporation Rostec. “In August a contract was signed with Nigeria on the deliveries of [Russian] helicopters,” Sergei Goreslavsky, head of Rostec’s International Cooperation Department, said at the ADEX 2014 international defence exhibition, ... Read More »

Amnesty: Nigerian police routinely use torture

Nigeria’s police and military routinely torture women, men and children as young as 12 with beatings, shootings, rape, electric shocks and pliers used to pull out teeth and nails, Amnesty International charged Thursday. Most of those detained are denied access to the outside world and even to visits from family or lawyers, said the new report collated from hundreds of ... Read More »

U.N. says five peacekeepers killed, three wounded in Mali blast

The United Nations mission in Mali said five of its Chadian peacekeepers were killed and another three wounded when their vehicle was hit by an explosive device in the north of the country on Thursday. The attack brings the number of U.N. peacekeepers killed in the country this month to 10. “This incident follows many other attacks in the Kidal ... Read More »