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With Ebola crippling the health system, Liberians die of routine medical problems

While the terrifying spread of Ebola has captured the world’s attention, it also has produced a lesser-known crisis: the near-collapse of the already fragile health-care system here, a development that may be as dangerous — for now — as the virus for the average Liberian. Western experts said that people here are dying of preventable or treatable conditions such as ... Read More »

Column: An Answer All People Deserve

The 800-pound gorilla managed to remain quiet for a week, hidden, one might presume, by Washington’s most powerful of power players. The few who dared discuss the beast did so in veiled ways, and with hesitation. But if you listened carefully, the sound of the gorilla pounding the bars of his cage was faint. That all changed when Joint Chiefs ... Read More »

Stealth Is Dead! Long Live Stealth!

A Russian military expert has sounded a seemingly dire warning for the United States. Dr. Igor Sutyagin claims that stealthy fighter jets and bombers can’t stay hidden much longer as enemy radar technology improves. The U.S. military is betting hundreds of billions of dollars—in essence, its whole air-power investment—that detection-dodging stealth works 
 and will keep working for many decades ... Read More »

Opinion: A Mistral For Canada

The September decision by France to withhold delivery of two Mistral-class Landing Platforms Helicopter (LPH) building for Russia is an opportunity for NATO, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and for the French shipbuilding industry and economy. France should not suffer economically for taking a stand against Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine. Rather, NATO, France and Canada can benefit if a little ... Read More »

Why It’s OK for Obama To Ignore Military Advice

Many critics of President Barack Obama who want us to send thousands of American ground troops to destroy and defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, claim that by pledging not to give a direct combat mission in Iraq and Syria to the troops, Obama is ignoring military advice that the consequences of taking this option ... Read More »

When the Pentagon Feared Israel’s Nukes

Israel’s nuclear weapons program is one of the biggest military open secrets in the world. Now we know a little more about the angst inside the Pentagon in the late 1960s, as Israel was months away from activating its nuclear deterrent. That’s all according to new documents obtained by the non-profit National Security Archive at George Washington University. In 2006, ... Read More »

Big Wins: Obama, McKeon Score as Senate OKs Syrian Rebel Train-And-Equip Plan

Approval of a package that averts a government shutdown and green-lights a program to militarily prepare Syrian rebels netted a big win for several prominent politicians, including the president and the House Armed Services Committee chairman. Leaders in both chambers view House and Senate passage of a $1 trillion continuing resolution (CR) as a bullet dodged, because Republican and Democratic ... Read More »

Congress Staves Off Government Shutdown
for Now

The Senate on Thursday easily passed a short-term spending bill, clearing the way for the government to avoid a shutdown until at least mid-December. The Senate’s passage by a vote of 73-22 follows the House approving on Wednesday the $1.01 trillion stopgap measure — which funds agencies at their current spending levels through Dec. 11. The stopgap measure will now ... Read More »

Senate vote sets up Syria cliff – Burgess Everett and Manu Raju

The Senate’s passage of President Barack Obama’s plan to arm Syrian rebels sets up an even bigger battle in deadline-driven Washington: The Syria cliff. While the Senate voted, 78-22, to arm Syrian rebels that oppose the Islamic State and temporarily fund the government, the administration’s authority to train those fighters will run out on Dec. 11. While the measure cleared ... Read More »

House veterans divided on Syria measure

The effort to train and arm Syrian rebels proved a tough sell with many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans now serving in the House. Wariness among veterans crossed party lines as Republicans Democrats alike said they feared weapons and training would one day be used against Americans instead of against militants seeking an Islamic state. Overall, eight Iraq and Afghanistan veterans ... Read More »

McKeon: Obama should stop ‘taking options off the table’

“The most irresponsible thing that the president can do is to give the military a mission, but not give it the tools it needs to do the job,” he added. “By taking options off the table, I fear the president is setting the mission, and our military, up for failure rather than success.” McKeon and other Republican lawmakers said the ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia begins receiving new AH-64E Apache helos

Saudi Arabia has begun receiving the first of its new AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopters from Boeing, images posted online in early September appear to show. According to these pictures, at least three AH-64E helicopter have arrived in the kingdom having been transported from Boeing’s Mesa production facility in Arizona aboard an Antonov An-124 ‘Condor’ strategic transport aircraft. Saudi media ... Read More »

Spain To Relieve Dutch Patriots in Turkey

Spain will deploy two Patriot batteries and 130 troops to Turkey in January to replace the two batteries being withdrawn by the Netherlands, Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenes announced Sept. 17.The Netherlands informed NATO in August that it would withdraw its Patriots in January, when their mandate runs out. Deployed in January 2013, the two Dutch Patriot batteries are located ... Read More »

Leaks Claim 40 ISIS Cells Are Waiting to Strike Lebanon

The morning after Obama promised to “degrade and ultimately destroy” Isis, Lebanon woke up to news of more fatal clashes with jihadists on its fraying borders. In Beirut’s glittering Downtown district, workers were morose. Taxi driver Imad used to make a good living ferrying expatriates between shops, hotels and restaurants. “Now there are no clients,” he complained. “The tourists are ... Read More »

Rapid Trident exercise takes place in Ukraine, a country at war

Young Ukrainian cadets lay concealed in the bushes, prepared to test their skills against seasoned troops from the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade. Fake grenades exploded and the sound of gunfire burst from the bushes as the Ukrainians took the fight to the U.S. soldiers, who were eventually forced to retreat from the onslaught. It’s just an exercise. But for ... Read More »