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Team USA’s Top 18 Men Of 2018 | Team USA

The retired U.S. Navy SEAL was, quite simply, a force to be reckoned with at the Paralympics in March. After coming home from his first Paralympics in Sochi in 2014 without a medal, Cnossen won a total of six medals in PyeongChang — one for every event he entered — and was the most decorated male athlete of the Paralympics. ... Read More »

Master Sgt. Chris Raguso died in a helicopter crash in Iraq. Here’s why his father thinks he didn’t die in vain. | Airforce Times

By all rights, Master Sgt. Christopher Raguso should have died in 2004 — 14 years before his helicopter went down in Iraq, killing everyone aboard, according to his dad. In the tough, early days of the Iraq War’s insurgency, Raguso, a New York Air National Guardsman, was serving his first tour in Baghdad, said his father, John, in a Nov. ... Read More »

Bring it on! New Taliban video shows intense training for cheer squad competition | Military Times

Taliban training video documentation is the gift that keeps on giving. And in the true spirit of Christmastime generosities, the organization decided to release a new film — reportedly shot in Afghanistan — documenting their foray into cheer squad competitions. Ditching their typical video recipe of highlighting immense monkey bar-traversing talents, the Taliban Commandos incorporated a bevy of choreographed stunts, ... Read More »

Retired 4-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal says handing his resignation letter to President Obama taught him a profound lesson about failure | Business Insider

McChrystal was leading the American-led coalition forces in the War in Afghanistan, and Hastings’ article, “The Runaway General,” characterized McChrystal as a recalcitrant general and a team that cracked jokes about Biden and other White House officials. McChrystal retired from the Army on July 23, 2010. Though he did not complete the requirement of three years as a four-star general ... Read More »

What Trump’s Syria decision means on the front lines of the fight against the Islamic State | Washington Post

What’s agonizing is that Mazloum has been fighting alongside U.S. Special Operations forces that represent the steadfastness of this country’s military, and now he is experiencing a quite different American face. “To be frank, the first thing I thought about when I heard this decision was America’s reputation,” Mazloum said. “Because after this decision, what are people going to say ... Read More »

Flying taxis and delivery drones are coming — and these 40 companies are predicted to be the biggest players | Business Insider

If you want to invest in automakers, there are plenty of exchange-traded funds that will help you do that. And for more broad investment themes — like cryptocurrencies or environmental responsibility— there are incredibly specific ETF’s built to track a specific idea. But for something as nascent as flying cars and taxi drones, you may have to build your own ... Read More »

Navy SEAL’s ashes returned after found in dumpster; family calls it ‘Christmas miracle’: report Amy Lieu | Fox News

An urn containing a Navy SEAL’s ashes was returned to Delaware this month — after being found in a dumpster — in what the family is calling a “Christmas miracle,” a report said Wednesday. After construction worker Shane Hanna found the urn — which had a Navy SEALS logo and contained the remains of veteran Ronald Lee Pruitt — he took it home with ... Read More »