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The return of rough terrain airborne operations | DVIDS

Wednesday November 20th marked the completion of a jump for the rough terrain airborne operations from the 57th Sapper Company after four cancellations. The 57th Sapper Company, “ROUGH TERRAIN,” is known for completing air drops of personnel and equipment into areas without an established drop zone. Their history can be traced back to WWII smoke jumpers with the 555th Parachute ... Read More »

U.S. conducts strike targeting al Qaeda leader in Yemen | KTVZ

A U.S. official told CNN on Friday that the United States conducted a strike that targeted Qassim al-Rimi. Rimi is the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror group’s franchise based in Yemen. The group has repeatedly expressed interest in conducting attacks targeting the U.S. The Pentagon would not give details on the situation when asked about ... Read More »

U.S. military says some U.S. service members in South Korea may be quarantined to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus | Business Insider

According to U.S. Forces Korea, if any U.S. service members in South Korea recently returned to their posts from mainland China, then they face the possibility of quarantine. A 14-day self-quarantine was put in place for personnel between January 19 and February 2. Fifteen cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed to be in South Korea. 28,500 U.S. troops are ... Read More »

The CEO of Goldman Sachs says the bank won’t take companies public unless there is at least one ‘diverse’ board member | Forbes

It was announced towards the end of January by Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon that the investment bank will only take companies public if they have at least one “diverse” board member, with a focus on women. Solomon recognizes the benefit of having diverse perspectives on the Goldman Sachs board, commenting that, “I look back at IPOs over the last ... Read More »

The Futurist: the invisible wearables | Stuff

While the idea of having computer chips implanted into your brain does not appeal to most people, we use the same technology every day in smart devices. Our wearable smart tech tracks heart rate, location, metrics, and more. These current devices, however, are clunky compared to the ultra-thin and moldable tech we’ll see in the future. MIT and Harvard teams ... Read More »

This Cossack squat tweak will leave your glutes on fire | Men’s Health

Basic squats and lunges are a good start to building strong glutes and hamstrings, however, it is important to challenge them in other ways. Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., the fitness director at Men’s Health, says to move laterally. “Basic squats and lunges have you moving in the same direction you do when you walk straight forward, something called the sagittal plane,” ... Read More »

Deaf woman, 60, rows Atlantic Ocean in world first | BBC

A female trio landed on the Caribbean island of Antigua 49 days after setting out from the Canary Island of La Gomera in December. This 3,000-mile journey across the Atlantic is one for the books. In the trio was 60-year-old, Mo O’Brien. She has become the first deaf person on record to row an ocean. She rowed with her daughter, ... Read More »

Dude, where’s my Little Bird? Army closes ‘stolen helicopter’ investigation | Army Times

Sparking social media posts and a quick investigation by Army Criminal Investigation Command, a static display helicopter was reported stolen at Fort Hood, Texas. After the investigation, Army CID special agents determined the OH-6A helicopter was moved for scheduled maintenance and was never out of army control. Army CID spokesperson Chris Grey, commented, “It was moved from one brigade to ... Read More »

Afghanistan’s elite special operations unit to get CH-47 helicopters | Military Times

An unknown number of CH-47 Chinook helicopters will be sent to Afghanistan’s Special Mission Wing as detailed in a December 2019 report. The “Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan” report gave no other information on the helicopters being sent to replace the Russian Mi-17s currently in use. “The Defense Department does not comment on or confirm potential or pending arms ... Read More »

Chinese ‘students’ keep getting arrested at Key West Navy Base | Breaking Defense

Two Chinese students attending the University of Michigan, Yuhao Wang and Jielun Zhang, drove through the gate at Naval Air Station Key West at the beginning of January. A 30-minute chase ensued that led to investigators discovering photos of military buildings on their phones. The incident occurred only weeks following the arrest of another Chinese student who was unlawfully taking ... Read More »

John Wayne made ‘The Green Berets’ on the Alabama border; see the vintage set photos | AL.com

Starring John Wayne, “The Green Berets” was caught in the crossfire by those who opposed the Vietnam War. Filmed in 1967 at Fort Benning, the movie took place at Fort Bragg and followed a team of Green Berets who are deployed to South Vietnam. Released during the war, President Lyndon B. Johnson and the U.S. Department of Defense worked with ... Read More »

Battle of semantics leads to change in the way combatant commands are named | Federal News Network

Joint unified military commands will be seeing a new means of classification after the current methods have negatively affected morale and created confusion on command status. Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten commented on the issue, saying “STRATCOM has the most powerful weapons in the world. Nuclear submarines, bombers, ICBMs, at one time space and ... Read More »

Watchdog: China now 2nd largest arms producer | Navy Times

Following the U.S, China is the second largest arms producer in the world. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released their annual report that showed data from numerous companies and the three main sectors in arms sales; aerospace, electronics and land systems. In the past China was not included on the top-100 list due to their secrecy on production and ... Read More »

Sun’s surface seen in remarkable new detail | BBC

The Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope located in Hawaii has released pictures of the sun that show the surface at a distance of only 18 miles. This a major feat with the sun being 870,000 miles in diameter and over 92 million miles away from the earth. The images show bright cells surrounded by darker lanes. Tightly contained sections of ... Read More »