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What jobs are affected by AI? Better paid, better-educated workers face the most exposure | Brookings

Man in an office holding up a sticky note that says, "A.I."

Implications of artificial intelligence have been difficult to measure in the workplace. Many of the technologies are new and have yet to be fully implicated into the labor market. Recent studies, however, are showing that white-collar jobs and production positions most likely have the highest risk. Research has shown that those who have a bachelor’s degree are four times more ... Read More »

6 retirement tips for generation x | CPA Practice Advisor

Picture for decorative purposes of someone holding up two eggs with IRA and ROTH written on each one.

Generation X, those between the ages of 39 and 54, were hit by the financial crisis in 2008 at just the wrong time and have the highest average debt of any generation. Statistics show that 34% have no retirement savings, 26% have more than $10,000 in credit card debt, and the average retirement savings is only $69,000. Recent research is ... Read More »

Prison inmates are training dogs for wounded warriors in record time | We are THE MIGHTY

Picture of a service dog.

America’s VetDogs employs inmates to help them train service canines for wounded veterans. While this enables more service dogs to be trained, the veterans receiving the canines aren’t the only ones who benefit. Working with the service dogs has had a positive impact on the inmates, giving them something to look forward to. Also, this helps cut down the training ... Read More »

Retired colonel pleads guilting to ripping off the military for millions in kickback scheme | Task and Purpose

Picture for decorative purposes of a judge's mallet.

Retired Army Col. Joseph Young has pleaded guilty to paying bribes in order to get his company contracts that resulted in 20 million-dollar profits. A retired Young and three other officers used bribes in order to get contracts to update and modernize the communications network at Fort Gordon. Young ended up paying $1.2 million to a no-show job employee in ... Read More »

Russian spec ops troops arrive in donbas to test new weapons—Ukraine Intel | Unian

Russian Special Forces. Picture for decorative purposes.

Russian special operations forces troops are occupying territory in Donetsk and Luhansk for training and testing grounds. “Russian special forces with technical intelligence means and sniper rifles, including those of an unknown type, arrived in the units of the 1st (Donetsk) and 2nd (Luhansk) Army Corps of the Russian armed forces last week,” announced the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. It ... Read More »

Bills would award congressional gold medal to Army Rangers of WWII | Military.com

William Galbraith, WWII veteran, 101st Airborne Division, shakes hand with a U.S. soldier with 75th Ranger Regiment after a ceremony to commemorate the Rangers climbing the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc during Operation Overlord at Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, June 5, 2019.

Many bills have been introduced to the legislative powers, seeking to bestow the Congressional Gold Medal to the Army Rangers who participated in World War II. Sen. Joni Ernst and Sen. Tammy Duckworth are cosponsoring a bill supported by an army veteran, D-Illinois, to award the group with both the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Ernst ... Read More »

Ohio guided missile sub were designed to be drone carrying clandestine command centers | The Drive

Columbia class ballistic missile submarine

Ohio class converted nuclear-powered guided-missile submarines are some of the Navy’s most valuable weapons. These four detailed machines began over 15 years ago with the decision to convert the four submarines from a SSBN class to what they are today, SSGNs. The Nuclear Posture Review determined that they only needed 14 out of the 18 subs they had for nuclear ... Read More »

What is a continuing resolution? | Defense News

Picture of Capital Hill in Washington D.C.

Continuing resolutions can be used by Congress to help fund the government during times of disagreement. This gives the officials more time to work out long term spending plans and contracts. During the last nine years, Congress has worked under a continuing resolution for an average of 119 days each year, a stifling number compared to the 32-day average of ... Read More »

Secret papers reveal workings of china’s xingiang detention camps | Al Jazeera

Over one million Muslim ethnic Uighurs are thought to be held in detention camps throughout China. Secret documents have now been revealed, detailing the inner workings of the camps, the selection process, and what happens to prisoners on the inside. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists managed to retrieve the documents and spread the news to other agencies. Plans to ... Read More »

Navy weapons station full of WWII-era ammunition bunkers could be transformed into 13,000 new homes in the Bay Area | Business Insider

Picture of Hunter Points Shipyard

An extreme housing shortage in San Francisco has led developers to look to WWII era bunkers as new housing options. Development company Lennar has been working to create 12,000 new homes in the Hunters Point Shipyard by converting the bunkers into homes. The company is now looking at a previous naval weapons station in Concord, where they could create a ... Read More »

Streaming wars continue | Arkansas Gazette

Picture of a person holding a remote towards a tv screen with Netflix pulled up.

The release of Disney’s new streaming service containing Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more has upped the ante with the online streaming services. Cable subscribers has continued to fall, as more people switch to using the popular on demand services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Disney+ has been eyeing the widespread Netflix crowd with additions to their ... Read More »

Breach affecting 1 million was caught only after hacker maxed out target’s storage | ars Technica

Picture of a hard disk.

The US Federal Trade Commission has decided to sue InfoTrax Systems for failing to recognize several IT breaches over the span of 22 months. The hacker involved was able to access over one million users’ information and went undetected until maxing out the providers storage system. Since May of 2014, the hacker accessed information on 20 separate occasions and retrieved ... Read More »

6 key financial strategies for life after military service | CNMC

Picture of finance papers in a folder with calculator and pen. Coffee on the side.

One of the top things those transitioning from active duty to civilian life should be aware of is the financial changes. A change in the way of life occurs, not just a job change. Taking control of your finances is one of the top tips. Your employer doesn’t tell you how much to spend on housing, and they don’t do ... Read More »