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Truck bomb rips through Somali capital; death toll at least 79, scores injured | Arkansas Democrat Gazette

A truck bomb detonated in Mogadishu, Somalia at a security checkpoint, ripping through the crowd of citizens travelling during rush hour. At least 79 people have been killed and over 125 injured, with dozens severely hurt. President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed believes the act of terror was coordinated by the al-Shabab who have ties to al-Qaida. An emergency committee has been ... Read More »

Qasem Soleimani: US kills top Iranian general in Baghdad air strike | BBC

General Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s most powerful military commander, has been killed by a US air strike in Iraq. Alongside local Iran-back militias, General Soleimani was killed early on Friday at Baghdad airport by a strike ordered by U.S. President Donald Trump. Bolstering Hezbollah in Lebanon and other pro-Iranian militant groups and expanding Iran’s military presence in Iraq and Syria have ... Read More »

What will happen in the 2020s | Fred Wilson, AVC

“People overestimate what will happen in a year and underestimate what will happen in a decade,” says Fred Wilson, attributing the quote to Bill Gates, as he looks forward to the decade that is upon us. Offering 10 predictions of what we could expect from the 20’s, he says, “It is impossible to be right about all of this. But ... Read More »

Why higher VO2 max isn’t always better | Outside Online

Oskar Svendsen recorded the highest ever value in a VO2 max test at age 18 where he went on to win the world junior championship. However, he retired before he turned 21 after a failed attempt at a pro career. The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences conducted a study on how Svendsen wasn’t the fasted despite having the ... Read More »

Simply Begin Again | Feld Thoughts

PSA: January 1st, 2020 was not the beginning of a new decade, according to the American Astronomical Society, U.S. Naval Observatory, and Farmer’s Almanac. The beginning is actually 1/1/21. Regardless of this technicality, it is still a new year, and it is time to try a new motto from Feld Thoughts. Simply begin again. Crummy Q4 or 2019? Simply begin ... Read More »

Icy hot genitals and ritual beatings among hazing found in NCIS probe of Silent Drill Platoon | Marine Corps Times

The Marine Corps’ Silent Drill Platoon will have at least five Marines punished after hazing rituals are found to have included beatings and applying Icy Hot to genitals. A four-month long investigation took place after command leadership learned of possible hazing incidents during a class. The Silent Drill Platoon has an elite reputation for conducting closed order drills without any ... Read More »

More than $96.6 million worth of Fort Bragg projects in federal budget |The Fayetteville Observer

The 2020 federal defense budget increased by $22 billion this year, giving Fort Bragg almost $97 million for projects. There had been concerns that President Trump would cut the base’s budget and relocate the resources to the southern border to assist in building a wall. Several Republican congress members, however, have made statements that the construction projects on Fort Bragg ... Read More »

The savior elite: inside the Special Operations Force tasked with rescuing Navy SEALs | Esquire

The Savior Elite are called in when the Navy SEALs or other specialized groups call 9-1-1. Trained as paratroopers, divers, and medics, they conduct surgery in helicopters and carry out rescue missions. St. Clair is one of these highly trained troops from the 103rd Rescue Squadron, who has recounted one of his daring missions. He recalls performing a water landing ... Read More »

NYPD: Times Square safest place on Earth for New Year’s Eve | WFMJ

According to New York City’s counter-terrorism czar, the “safest place on Earth” on New Year’s Eve is Times Square. For the Eve’s festivities, thousands of police officers and specialized units were on duty.  The specialized units were armed with guns and “bomb-sniffing” dogs. The police also has drones to keep watch over the celebration in the area. These various security ... Read More »

U.S. contractors sued for allegedly paying ‘protection money’ to the Taliban in Afghanistan | CNBC

U.S. and other international contracting companies are being sued for paying protection money to the Taliban in Afghanistan, incriminating them in the death of American troops and civilians in the country. The suit claims the companies paid these bribes in exchange for the terrorist group to leave their business interests alone, leading them to be directly aiding and abetting a ... Read More »

Blue light may not actually disrupt sleep, study finds | Muscle & Fitness

Cool-toned lights coming off your phone or computer screen are often considered types of light that will disrupt your sleep and trick your eyes into thinking it’s daytime. Many devices now have a night mode button that turns down the blue glow and replaces it with warmer lights, making it easier to fall asleep. A study conducted by the University ... Read More »

The 3 biggest resolution mistakes most people make, according to a psychotherapist | Business Insider

A study done by Scranton University found that only 19% of people keep their resolution for two years, with 30% giving up before January ends. A psychotherapist explains tips to creating a manageable resolution that will be both motivating for you and beneficial to you. One common mistake is making your goal non-measurable, such as saying “I will eat healthier” ... Read More »