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How to make a culture of lifelong learning stick in your business | Forbes

An organization where a culture and environment exhibit continuous learning improves the long-term relationship with its people. According to a LinkedIn survey, opportunities for employee development have become the second most important factor in workplace happiness. Companies are advised to used different styles of learning like one-on-one mentoring, sharing learning with others, and even using a variety of media and ... Read More »

5 Life-saving applications of artificial intelligence | Forbes

Thirty years ago, if you asked about artificial intelligence someone might think of robots folding laundry or being personal assistance. While we do have things to help us out like your voice activated Siri or Alexa, AI also has some lifesaving applications. Forbes pulls together how AI has been able to save lives. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/serenitygibbons/2020/08/25/5-life-saving-applications-of-artificial-intelligence/#247c17211c58 Read More »

A secret world under a French castle | BBC Travel

The Château de Brézé has hundreds of underground tunnels built below the French castle. Originally intended to be for an easy escape, the tunnels were never actually used. These bunkers would allow those in the castle to hide out from pandemics. They were equipped with bakeries and defensive galleries. However, much of the bunker still has not been discovered as it ... Read More »

Turkey launches operation against PKK’s narco-terror in southeast | Daily Sabah

Operation Yıldırım-7 (Operation Lightning-7) has been launched in Turkey and will work to completely annihilate the separatist terror group PKK. They are also working to get rid off all terrorists in the Diyarbakır province, as well as crack down on drug trafficking. Around 1,495 security personnel, including Gendarmerie Special Operations forces, will be participating in this mission. Source: https://www.dailysabah.com/politics/war-on-terror/turkey-launches-operation-against-pkks-narco-terror-in-southeast Read More »

Zelensky replaces commander of Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Special Operations Forces | Interfax Ukraine

Major General Hryhoriy Halahan has been named the new commander of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. President Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed Ihor Luniov from the position. Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operation will now be focusing more on eradicating pro-Russian militants and prevent further tension with Russia. President Zelensky also noted that the new commander will be more proactive ... Read More »

How to get the most bang for your buck when shopping for used vehicles from rental car companies | Business Insider

The travel industry was greatly affected by the pandemic leading to trickle-down effects to businesses like car rentals. Companies are offloading fleets to the used car market and consumers are now using this as an opportunity to buy at discounted prices. Buyers should keep in mind due diligence when choosing the right car by deliberately checking the warranty and ensuring ... Read More »

How to attract candidates to hard-to-fill positions | Forbes

A valuable employee is out there waiting for your hard-to-fill position. It may require a specific skill set that only a few have or maybe a background that is high in demand. To have an effective recruitment process, HR can consider how the job is reflected in these postings focusing on the work culture and providing positive reviews from current ... Read More »

A former Green Beret has a real solution to the US policing problem | Military.com

Retired Massachusetts State Trooper Michael Cutone found a solution to handling US Policing Problem. He adapted in his consulting firm, The Trinity Project, his experiences in Army Special Forces’ counterinsurgency tactics Counter Criminal Continuum or “C3” where it is used in the Global War on Terrorism. While “counterinsurgency” may recall images of soldiers kicking in doors and raiding houses, Cutone ... Read More »