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The barbell squat and deadlift alternative | Breaking Muscle

One thing that the pandemic taught us is that we can continue with our physical workouts even without the gym equipment. With a little creativity, one alternative for barbell squat and deadlift is doing the medicine ball clean and squat. It is a practical way to train your body with coordination and developing timing to improve strength, balance, stability, and ... Read More »

Self-sabotage: Why you do it and how to stop for good | Nick Wignall

We all have this tendency to undermine our capabilities because of our past experiences. Nick Wignall shares how self-sabotage is a chronic pattern that negatively affects our life, work, and relationship. If you find yourself consistently procrastinating, dealing with substance abuse, chronic lateness, stress eating, or struggling with intimacy and commitment, you have to pause and reflect on how you can ... Read More »

Trump plans to pardon former aide Michael Flynn: source | Reuters

President Trump is considering plans to pardon his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who had pleaded guilty in 2017 lying to the FBI during an investigation into Russian intervention during the 2016 presidential election. If Trump does grant a reprieve to Flynn, it would be the highest-profile pardon issued by the President since he took office. Trump could still ... Read More »

Marine Corps reduces annual training by cutting these requirements | Marine Corps Times

The Marine Corps has decided to reduce several annual training requirements to “enable commanders to focus on events that generate warfighting readiness,” according to an administrative message published Thursday. Tobacco cessation training, social media conduct, combating trafficking, and violence prevention awareness have been eliminated according to the MARADMIN. They will be categorizing the annual training into core and non-core requirements noting that non-core ... Read More »

The forgotten Hawaiian islands in Canada | BBC Travel

Canada’s Gulf Islands are comprised of dozens of islands scattered between Vancouver and Southern Vancouver Island. The islands were protected and preserved and were said to be the forgotten Hawaiian islands in Canada. The legacy of the early Hawaiian settlers, known as Kanakas, was virtually erased from history after gradual intermarriage with local First Nations or other immigrant groups. During the ... Read More »

Righting the course for America’s special operators | War on the Rocks

After 30 years in the making Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller is elevating the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict. The position will now be on an equal level with the Defense Department service secretaries. This enables special operations to have more power and say without being bypassed and overlooked. War on the Rocks delves ... Read More »

We have met the enemy, and it is us: Restoring American power | Defense One

When President-elect Biden assumes office, he should immediately begin to focus on the American public and domestic affairs. Gregory Foster believes the largest threat facing the united States isn’t Russia or China, but the American people and those who represent us. Recent Pew Research Center polls have shown strong division amongst the American people, as different political parties hate each ... Read More »

The smart alternative to starting a business with a loan | Forbes

Starting a business with a loan can be risky knowing that the agreement may require you to have a personal guarantee or pay interest when you are just starting. One alternative to building funds for your business idea is through your connections and crowdfunding. You pre-sell and raise funds to launch your idea. They can also give you feedback on ... Read More »

Think for yourself | Leading Blog

Harvard University lecturer Vikram Mansharamani shares in his book how we need to be cautious about how we take on decisions in this Age of Experts and Artificial Intelligence. Some of our decisions are so dependent on other’s expertise or opinion that we lose our vision. The author said, “The key is to step back and ask: What are you losing ... Read More »

Bring US operational training and experimentation into the 21st century | Defense News

The United States and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region face increasing threats as neighboring enemies are developing new capabilities and upgrades within their military forces. Thomas Mahnken and Regan Copple highly suggest conducting operational training, experimentation, and collaboration to meet today’s challenges and prepare for those of the future. Currently, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command has recognized these trends and created Pacific Multi-Domain ... Read More »