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Your Clients Seek ‘Authentic Leaders,’ Green Beret Vet Tells NAIFA Crowd | Insurance News Net

Silhouette of Navy Seals

Scott Mann taught lessons he learned from his 18 years serving as a Green Beret oto Rooftop Leadership at the NAIFA Performance + Purpose conference.  Humans are “meaning, seeking, emotional, social creatures,” he said, but too often, advisors take the wrong approach to relate to those they serve. Advisors spend a great deal of time being reactionary and transactional, with ... Read More »

Stolen Valor – A non-profit’s mission to honor the sacrifices of our vets by returning lost and stolen medals | Wise County Messenger

A man holding military medals

Thirty years after earning a distinguished Service Cross for his heroics as a Green Beret in 1967, Evans’ cross was stolen along with a Purple Heart that he received during the Korean War and other medals at a Green Beret convention in Las Vegas.  Purple Hearts United, a non-profit whose mission is to return lost, stolen and misplaced military medals, ... Read More »

Commonly used antibiotics may lead to heart problems | Science Daily

Green pills spilling from a prescription bottle

For the first time, a link has been shown between common classes of antibiotics and two forms of heart disease. The researchers hope their study helps inform the public and physicians that if patients present with cardiac issues, where no other cause has been discovered, fluoroquinolone antibiotics could potentially be a cause. Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/09/190910154710.htm Read More »

U.S. airstrikes inflict heavy casualties on Taliban militants in Paktiya province | Khaama Press News Agency

US fighter jet

Heavy casualties were inflicted by U.S. forces with a series of airstrikes in Paktiya province and Aab Band district of Ghazni province, killing at least 17 Taliban militants and wounded 13 others.  Gul Nazar, Qari Jamal alias Fedayee and Najeeb, the three local commanders of Taliban in Paktiya were also killed. Source: https://www.khaama.com/u-s-airstrikes-inflict-heavy-casualties-on-taliban-militants-in-paktiya-province-04021/ Read More »

Jury awards Marine Corps family more than $2 million for mold, health issues in privatized housing | Military Times

Gavel on a judge's desk

Staff Sgt. Matthew Charvat, his wife and two children alleged that San Diego Family Housing and Lincoln Military Property Management were negligent in addressing a number of problems in their residence in Gateway Village, including visible contamination, water damage, elevated levels of moisture inside the home, deteriorated and crumbling drywall, and defective appliances.  These issues allegedly lead to illnesses and ... Read More »

Thieves are now using AI deepfakes to trick companies into sending them money |  C4ISRNET

voice recording machine

A deeply disturbing program mimics voice, tonality, and accent of personnel to dupe companies into sending money.  Cybersecurity firm Symantec says it has come across several cases of deepfake voice fraud used to trick companies into sending money to a fraudulent account. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/5/20851248/deepfakes-ai-fake-audio-phone-calls-thieves-trick-companies-stealing-money Read More »