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Born in Belgium, raised in ISIS: ‘I want to come home’

At a recent counterterrorism conference held by the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism in Brussels, Belgium, a seven-year-old’s words touched the issues currently pressing upon the heart of Europe more deeply than any of those made by the many high-level international experts speaking there.   Read More »

Ethics and Our SOF Culture 7 A Call To Action SOCOM | General Raymond Thomas

Teammates, Our Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity conflict and I are sending out the attached cosigned guidance on ethics for everyone in the command. It is focused on our Special Operations community and builds on ethics guidance provided by the Secretary of Defense. Trust 7 among teammates and especially with our Nation eis our currency ... Read More »

Pentagon’s new strategy means balancing act in Africa for U.S. special ops | The Washington Times

  The Pentagon’s decision to draw down 10 percent of its counterterrorism operations in Africa comes as Russia and China are aggressively ramping up efforts to expand their influence on the continent. The decision has left the sizable contingent of American troops, a majority consisting of U.S. special operations forces, stationed in Africa with the unenviable task of balancing the ... Read More »

2019 may be the hottest year yet—here’s why

    An El Niño event is very likely under way, amping up extreme weather already made worse by climate change and increasing the odds that 2019 will be the hottest year in recorded human history, scientists warn. Read More »

Meet the U.S. Army’s 5 Next Super Weapons (Russia and China Should Worry)

The U.S. Army already fields an impressive array of weapons. But as the U.S. Army prepares itself for potential conflicts against high-tech Russian and Chinese armies, the Army is working on a slew of new systems ranging from tanks to missiles. The result will be the gradual disappearance of the familiar weapons born during the Cold War — the Abrams ... Read More »

US military wants to use genetically engineered life forms to track enemy subs

The U.S. military is supporting research focused on genetically engineering marine lifefor the purpose of tracking enemy submarines. Research supported by the Naval Research Laboratory indicates that the genetic makeup of a relatively common sea organism could be modified to react in a detectable way to certain non-natural substances, such as metal or fuel, left behind by passing submarines, Defense ... Read More »