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Big changes to grueling Special Forces course draw scrutiny | AP News

Soldiers holding a log during a drill

Army commanders are trying to shorten and simplify the course that recruits must complete to become Green Berets though their purpose is to weed out soldiers who are unable to meet security threats. Special Forces wants to make passing easier so that recruitment rates rise, but this is raising concerns that future Green Berets may not be completely qualified. While ... Read More »

Op-Ed: This veterans advocate supports an assault weapons ban and buyback program. Here’s why. | Military Times

Soldier holding an assault rifle

“Knowing how strongly my son felt about ensuring the weapons he carried in Kandahar, Afghanistan, would not end up in the hands of dangerous individuals on our streets, I am carrying on Dan’s legacy by supporting O’Rourke’s buyback program. It is absolutely unacceptable that we live in a country where there are more guns than people, and that some of ... Read More »

Op-Ed: The Lost Lessons of “Black Hawk Down” | War on the Rocks

Black Hawk Helicopter

“The Battle of Mogadishu, the American operation in Somalia later immortalized by Mark Bowden’s seminal non-fiction book “Black Hawk Down” and dramatized in Ridley Scott’s exhilarating but slightly less non-fictional movie of the same name. On October 3, 1993, 160 U.S. Army Rangers and other special operations forces launched what was supposed to be a routine raid to capture two ... Read More »

Happy 244th Birthday to the U.S. Navy!  | CFR

Naval Ship

George Washington believed that the US could do nothing definitive without a naval force, and today the Navy has grown into a powerful organization that has 290 deployable ships, more than 3,700 operational aircraft, 337,121 active duty personnel, 101,583 reserve personnel, and more than 270,000 civilian employees. Captain Brian L. Sittlow has offered some great resources to learn more about the Navy and its history below: ... Read More »

Special Tactics Airman killed during mountain rescue training in Idaho | Stars and Stripes

Tech Sgt. Peter Kraines

Tech Sgt. Peter Kraines, An Air Force special tactics pararescueman with the 24th Special Operations Wing, was part of mountain rescue technique training in Boise where he lost his life at the young age of 33 years old. Kraines was trained in combat search and rescue, military static-line jumping, free fall jumping, Air Force combat scuba diving, and medical technician. ... Read More »

DARPA wants a robotic satellite mechanic launched by 2022 | C4ISRNET

Satellite hovering over Earth in space

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is currently moving forward with a program that will send a spacecraft into space in late 2022. The spacecraft, RSGS, will work on satellites in space and perform maintenance. Its main functions are inspection, orbital adjustments, anomaly resolution, and installation of self-contained payloads. Equipped with cameras, the RSGS will help ground operators diagnose any ... Read More »

China’s Cutting Edge Weaponry | International Policy Digest


For the duration of rivalry between the US and China, the US has always had a military edge due to being a pioneer of weaponry. Last week, a display of weaponry at Beijing may just prove that China is catching up. During the 70th anniversary parade of the People’s Republic of China, old tactical weaponry is being replaced by stealthy ... Read More »

Active-Duty Green Beret to Receive Medal of Honor for Heroic Afghanistan Rescue | Military.com

Master Sgt. Matthew Williams

Master Sgt. Matthew Williams will be given the nation’s highest award for valor for risking his life under intense enemy fire to rescue wounded Special Forces soldiers during a 2008 joint raid with U.S. troops and Afghan commandos.  “When his team sergeant was wounded by sniper fire, Sergeant Williams exposed himself to enemy fire to come to his aid and to move him ... Read More »