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Take Advantage of Financial Technology | US News

person holding a phone

Advancing technology has worked its way into our portfolios and mobile wallets. In many ways, digitized and automated money is a positive movement, improving people’s  financial pictures.  It allows the banking system to work better for consumers, giving them tools that used to be just for hedge funds.  Fintech also makes investing more accessible with some apps like Acorns, Robinhood and ... Read More »

36 years ago the US Special Operations conducted its largest mission ever | War is Boring

A U.S. Army AH-1S Cobra attack helicopter opens fire on an enemy position

The target location was the island of Grenada for members of the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, the 8th Marine Regiment, and the “Delta Force” which was relatively new at the time. Traveling by helicopters, ships, and land vehicles, the massive force departed to conduct Operation Urgent Fury. President Ronald Reagan sent short-notice troops to stop a ... Read More »

Around 100 Taliban militants killed, 88 arrested in Special Forces raids in Baghlan: Sources | Khaama

Afghan military tanks

Afghan Special Forces not only eliminated a mass amount of Taliban soldiers, but they destroyed a cache of weapons during the operation. After almost three years, it was announced that the forces recaptured Dahan-e Ghori from the Taliban. While no further details were given about the mission, a significant amount of damage was done that will hopefully limit the terrorists’ ... Read More »

Syria gave PSYOPS, civil affairs ‘sets and reps’ in messaging and setting up local governance, three-star says | Army Times

Soldiers setting up cameras

The US Army Special Operations Command oversees the Psychological operations forces and has helped to establish governance in areas limited from the Islamic State in recent years. The forces are currently receiving orders to carry out more missions that involve dispersing messages in places like Syria. Counter-ISIS messaging could involve sending out leaflets or broadcasting over radio signal to notify ... Read More »

Russia Africa Summit: What’s behind Moscow’s push into the continent? | BBC News

Russian soldiers

President Vladimir Putin stated that one of the nation’s top priorities is to strengthen ties with African countries that were established during Soviet times. Russia hopes to offer diplomatic, economic, medical, and educational assistance to African countries in an aggressive attempt to secure relationships as US influence declines. While Russia’s largest defense market is in Asia, its connections with Africa ... Read More »

Tech consultations on parts of U.S. trade deal completed: China’s Commerce Ministry | Reuters

import doc

Over-the-phone agreements to properly address each other’s concerns took place between China’s Ministry of Commerce and US trade officials. The US will import China made cooked-poultry and catfish on the condition that China lift its ban on US poultry. The two countries agreed on an application of public health information systems for meat products which will hopefully relieve some concerns ... Read More »

SOCOM Wants ‘Cyber-Secure’ Hyper-Enabled Operators | National Defense

Soldiers in camouflage

SOCOM is examining how it can safely field technologies that will provide warfighters with capabilities such as improved situational awareness. While certain technology will improve the abilities of fighters, there is a constant concern about security as more adversaries build upon their own electronic warfare systems. Most of the technologies fall under commercial domain which means they are slightly more ... Read More »

Strategic Change Doesn’t Always Start at the Top | Industry Week

people working on laptops

Executives at large corporations are hesitant to make significant changes and are more likely to instill tactical organization merits. It has been shown that immediate, large-scale changes are more financially beneficial than incremental changes, but require more risk taking. When seeking competitive advantage, step-function change is the ideal method when it does not involve shutting down parts of the business ... Read More »

New drug-delivery technology promises efficient, targeted cancer treatment | Science Daily

Hospital bed with medication

Researchers from Washington State University developed a non-toxic treatment that targets lung cancer cells at the nanoscale level. It is made from organic molecules called peptoids. Nanotubes thinner than hair containing the peptoids and fluorescent dyes are delivered directly to the cells where they release reactive oxygen species that attack the cancer. Scientists are able to track how well the ... Read More »

Falling Rates Boost Mortgage Market to Precrisis Levels | Futurism

mini house on a key chain

The mortgage market posted its biggest three months since the financial crisis, as lenders extended $700 billion in home loans through the July-to-September quarter, the most in 14 years. “The last few months have given us glimmers of hope that low rates are inducing existing home sales upwards,” said Ralph McLaughlin, deputy chief economist at CoreLogic Inc. “It looks like there ... Read More »

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: IS leader ‘dead after US raid’ in Syria | BBC

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Sunday morning statement, President Trump announce the death of Abu Baker as-Baghdadi, describing the night-time operation in extraordinary detail.  Baghdadi ignited a suicide vest, killing himself and three of his children and causing the tunnel to collapse. No US personnel were killed but one of the dogs was seriously injured in the explosion.  Abu Baker as-Baghdadi’s death has been confirmed ... Read More »

Top lawmakers sent a letter to the Pentagon warning about special operations on the same day the official overseeing them resigned | Business Insider

Senior congressional leaders expressed concerns to the defense secretary the same day Mark Mitchell, acting assistant defense secretary for special operations and low-intensity conflict, submitted his resignation.  The Lawmakers biggest concern was the “lack of progress in staffing” the Special Operations secretariat.  Though it was discovered that 64 full time jobs were needed, by the end of the fiscal year ... Read More »