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How This Retired Navy SEAL’s Second-Act Turned into a Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Empire | Entrepreneur

TRX Fitness program taking place on a military base family fitness center

In 1997, Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick needed a way to stay in peak physical condition while being deployed and having no access to equipment.  The ability to adapt and improvise are trademarks of special operations so, using only parachute webbing, a jiu-jitsu belt he accidentally packed in his bag and his body weight, Hetrick created the workout system that would become ... Read More »

Vindman should not fear retaliation over Ukraine testimony -Pentagon’s Esper | Reuters

Picture of Lt. Col Alexander Vindman

LTC Vindman was one of the U.S. administrators listening to the conversation between President Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on July 25th. This conversation has become the focal point in the recent impeachment process of Trump. At the end of October, Vindman gave his testimony against the President to Congress for the impeachment investigation. After his testimony, Trump tweeted ... Read More »

Beetle-like Iranian robots can roll under tanks | C4ISRNET

mini tank from Word War II

The Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the Iranian Army has demonstrated the capabilities of the new Heidair-1, which only has the processing power of a desktop computer from the early 1990s. Heidair-1 is a small, remote controlled ground vehicle designed to roll under tanks and other structures, all while being inexpensive an replaceable. The little robot has six wheels ... Read More »

‘Wherever Wagner goes destruction happens’: Libya’s GNA slams Russian role in conflict | Middle East Eye

Loyals to Libya's Government of National Accord

Turmoil in Libya has led to Fathi Bashagha, the interior minister of the Government of National Accord to ask the U.S. for help in stomping out the local Islamic State group that is on the rise. Bashagha claims that Russia has sent the Wagner Group, a shadowy Kremlin-backed private military contractor, in an attempt to rebuild what remains of Muammar ... Read More »

Microsoft four-day work week ‘boosts productivity’ | BBC News

Office workers taking a break in a cafe, seating area.

During the month of August, Microsoft Japan closed the office every Friday, sending their workers home with a three-day weekend and four-day work week ahead of them. Meetings were also limited to 30 minutes and online interaction was encouraged. Not only did this lead to a 40% increase in productivity and happier employees, but electricity consumption had been reduced by 23% ... Read More »

China’s Investments In Special Forces Are Paying Off In Deadly Ways | The National Interest

Two Chinese Special Forces getting off aircraft with weapons.

Despite not having a commonplace in the media, Chinese special forces have been growing in size, sophistication and global reach.  They have streamlined their command structure and made training more realistic.  Ingenious Special Operations Soldier-2018 took place over the summer and was designed to test the levels of command. The Jiaolong (“Water Dragon”) has been more active recently by evacuating officials ... Read More »

As Secret Pentagon Spending Rises, Defense Firms Cash in | Defense One

Mysterious image of an aircraft in a stormy sky.

Almost $76 billion of the Department of Defense’s budget is classified in the proposed for the new year, making up 11% of the total budget. While military personnel say they can’t speak on the money spent for classified projects, executives from large defense companies didn’t seem to get the memo. These restricted developments have become the big news between firms ... Read More »

Five Italian special forces personnel injured in IED explosion in northern Iraq | The Defense Post

Picture of Peshmerga soldiers

An IED in Iraq struck five Italian special forces troops while participating in a mission with the Iraqi Security Forces fighting the Islamic State. The men were airlifted to a hospital by U.S. helicopters, with three being seriously wounded, including one needing a partial leg amputation, but not sustaining life threatening injuries. It is believed that Iraqi Security Forces troops ... Read More »

Russia’s Rifles Can Shoot Underwater | National Interest

APS under water rifle

The use of combat divers, commonly known as frogmen, led to the question: “How do these frogmen from opposing sides kill each other when they meet underwater?” In response, the Soviet Union developed an underwater assault rifle in the 1970s that is still used by Russia today. It is so uniquely suited to fighting under the surface of the waves ... Read More »

First NATO counter-hybrid warfare team to deploy to Montenegro | Stars and Stripes

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the President of Montenegro, Milp Dukanovic shaking hands at NATO

The first counter-hybrid team has plans to deploy to Montenegro to help the nation prepare and plan for attacks by pro-Russian parties. Since joining NATO, the country will hold their first elections next year. In 2016 Montenegro was under a hybrid attack during the election when Russian and Serbian operatives allegedly tried to overthrow the government in an attempt to ... Read More »

Who is General Qassim Suleimani? | GZERO

Picture of General Qasem Soleimani

General Qassim Suleimani is an extremely active and formidable adversary in the Middle East that has kept himself from being a common name heard in the West. He participated in the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s and continued to rise through the military ranks before being put in charge of the Quds Force in 1998. Suleimani is also a close ... Read More »