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Spec ops in trouble: Mired in scandal and under Pentagon review, what will it take to clean house? | Military times

Something has gone off track at U.S. Special Operations Command. A SEAL and a former Green Beret are under indictment for alleged war crimes committed downrange. Two Marine Raiders and two SEALs are charged with the murder of a Green Beret while the group served in Mali in 2017. Elsewhere, operators have been investigated for, or convicted of, spousal murder, ... Read More »

He served his country in WWII. Now he’s 94 — and a new high school grad | Star Gazette

Ed Baron still gets a little teary-eyed when he thinks about his recent high school graduation. He has good reason. Baron waited 75 years to get up on the stage and receive his diploma — a capstone accomplishment for a life that has spanned more than nine decades. Baron, who turned 94 in March and lives with his wife, Josephine, ... Read More »

Special Forces storm 3 Taliban compounds in Helmand province | Khaama Press

The Afghan Special Forces stormed three Taliban compounds in southern Helmand province, the Special Operations Corps said. According to a statement released by Special Operations Corps, the Special Forces stormed the Taliban compounds in Kajaki district late on Tuesday night. The statement further added that the Special Forces destroyed the three compounds during the operation. Furthermore, the Special Forces confiscated ... Read More »

SOCOM Seeks Smartphone App for Fingerprint Data | National Defense

Special Operations Command is developing an application that would allow warfighters to collect biometric information — such as fingerprints — with their smartphones, according to an official. The application would have touchless fingerprint technology, said Glen Cullen, the command’s program manager for sensitive site exploitation within the program executive office for special reconnaissance, surveillance and exploitation. This would reduce inconsistencies ... Read More »

Webcam flaw lets hackers spy on people through mac Video Conference app Zoom | Independent

A major vulnerability in a video conferencing app for Apple Mac computers has been discovered by a security researcher, which if exploited could allow hackers to spy on people through their webcams. Software engineer Jonathan Leitschuh uncovered the bug within the Zoom app, and warned users that simply uninstalling the app would not fix the issue. In a Medium post ... Read More »

The Secret Weapon That Targets Your Customers Whether They’re on Amazon or Not | Entrepreneur 

One of the most significant opportunities to extend your advertising reach on and off Amazon is to participate in Amazon’s demand-side platform, Amazon DSP. With Amazon DSP, brands can target shoppers in real time as they browse the internet. This approach allows brands to reach customers on and off Amazon through programmatic display advertisements. Through Amazon DSP, Amazon can partner ... Read More »

Alexa to help identify patients’ symptoms to ease burden of NHS  | Independent

Alexa will soon be able to diagnose patients’ symptoms to help ease the burden on doctors and hospitals. A partnership with the NHS means the Amazon digital assistant will be able to answer questions such as “Alexa, how do I treat a migraine?” by searching the official health service website. Source: Alexa to help identify patients’ symptoms to ease burden ... Read More »

Satellite Images Show Large Crack Formed in the Earth After California’s Earthquake | Travel and Leisure

Last week’s 7.1-magnitude earthquake in California ripped open a fissure that is visible from space. The July 5 earthquake near Ridgecrest, California did more than knock bottles off shelves and send people searching for cover. As the sun rose the following day, it became evident that the earthquake had ripped open a new fissure in the earth, visible from space ... Read More »

No Grunts Under 26, $250K Bonuses: DoD’s Most Radical Ideas to Transform the Infantry | Military.com

What would it take to transform U.S. infantry into a higher-caliber force modeled after the elite 75th Ranger Regiment? For starters, find recruits in their mid-20s and offer them $250,000 bonuses and a $60,000-a-year salary. That’s part of a working concept officials from the Pentagon’s Close Combat Lethality Task Force (CCLTF) have been turning over for the past year in ... Read More »

Hybrid warfare and a new role for Australia’s Special Forces? | Defense Connect

The rise of asymmetric threats backed by state and non-state actors is challenging conventional force structures. Australia’s Special Forces are internationally recognised as some of the world’s best non-conventional fighting forces – does the rise of hybrid warfare asymmetric threats mean Australia’s special operators will take on a different role? The occupation of the Crimea in 2014 sparked international condemnation ... Read More »

Army Ranger, 1st ID soldier tapped as senior enlisted for JSOC | Army times

A veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment will be making his way to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to take over as the senior enlisted leader for the secretive Joint Special Operations Command. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Craig Bishop, currently assigned as the senior enlisted leader for 1st Infantry Division out of Fort Riley, Kansas, was selected to replace Command Sgt. ... Read More »

Second senior IDF commander quits following Gaza raid that went awry | The Times of Israel

The Israel Defense Forces’ Military Intelligence Directorate is reportedly in crisis after a second senior commander stepped down in the aftermath of a raid by special forces in the Gaza Strip that went awry last year. The commander of the Intelligence Directorate’s Special Operations Division recently quit angrily after learning the military had asked his predecessor to rejoin the army ... Read More »