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Five years after Phoenix scandal, VA still doesn’t keep reliable wait-time data | Stars and Stripes

The Department of Veterans Affairs still fails to reliably track wait times for veterans seeking health care in the wake of a national scandal that five years ago found more than 200 veterans died while waiting for appointments, a federal watchdog agency reported. The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs held a hearing Wednesday to assess the VA’s progress on wait ... Read More »

Internal report exposes cocaine abuse, lax testing, inside SEAL Team 10 | Navy Times

Before they were caught last year, several SEAL Team 10 special warfare operators snorted cocaine or spiked their booze with the banned substance, often defeating military drug tests they termed “a joke,” according to an internal investigation obtained by Navy Times. The Little Creek, Virginia-based command conducted urinalysis testing on April 9 and April 16, 2018, nabbing six SEALs for ... Read More »

Odenton resident apologizes for stolen valor, explains decades of lies about being a Navy SEAL, prisoner of war | Capital Gazette

Odenton resident Bob Pollock hopes everyone can forgive him for decades of lies about being a Navy SEAL and prisoner of war, and that they don’t damage the intent of the military and first responders monument he founded. “It tarnished the whole memorial and I’m ashamed of that because the intent was to honor all branches of the service, police ... Read More »

The 38th Commandant’s Planning Guidance is now available | Gen Berger USMC

The Commandant’s Planning Guidance (CPG) provides the 38th Commandant’s strategic direction for the Marine Corps and mirrors the function of the Secretary of Defense’s Defense Planning Guidance (DPG). It serves as the authoritative document for Service-level planning and provides a common direction to the Marine CorpsTotal Force. It also serves as a road map describing where the Marine Corps is ... Read More »

This is who wants to reform the Fourth Estate now | C4ISRNET

Army Secretary Mark Esper said he plans to reform the Department of Defense’s Fourth Estate, the 27 agencies that provide business tasks for the war fighter, if confirmed as Secretary of Defense, renewing a discussion of inefficiencies within the agencies. In advanced policy questions Esper submitted to the Senate Armed Services Committee for a July 16 confirmation hearing, the White ... Read More »

The great industrial competition: Mergers, acquisitions and geopolitical events fuel revenue | Defense News

For the third straight year, overall defense revenues for the Top 100 defense companies in the world have increased, as defense budgets around the globe continue to climb in what has been dubbed a new era of great power competition. Total fiscal 2018 defense revenues for the Top 100 companies came in at $490 billion, easily eclipsing 2012, the last ... Read More »

Detail, please halt! Belgian cadets display the worst drill in the history of upright walking | Military Times

The following is an open letter to the esteemed Belgian Defence Forces on behalf of a now-perturbed international community. To whom it should greatly concern, The United States and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration celebrated the 50th anniversary of man’s historic first steps on the Moon this week, a feat Neil Armstrong, reflecting the childlike elation of the rest ... Read More »

Instagram Removing ‘Likes’ on Posts in Several Countries | Travel and Leisure

Instagram is making a radical change to its platform in an effort to get back to its community roots. The social photo-sharing app announced on Thursday it would no longer display likes on posts in Australia and several other countries. This test, Instagram noted, is to offset the social pressure people now feel about gaining “likes” online. “We want Instagram ... Read More »

Special Forces face down impacts of war on terror | A-L Monitor

The Pentagon’s Special Operations Command — known as SOCOM — is looking into how brain trauma from the 17-year war on terror in the Middle East has impacted elite US troops. First led by former SOCOM chief, Gen. Tony Thomas, the command is examining whether trauma suffered by special operators, including brain fatigue and abnormalities in the visual cortex, impact ... Read More »

Cobra Strike Forces kill 4 Taliban militants in Helmand province | Khaama Press News Agency

The Cobra Strikes of the Afghan Special Forces killed 4 Taliban militants during an operation in southern Helmand province. The Special Operations Corps in a statement said the Cobra Strike Forces conducted the operation in Nahr-e-Saraj district of Helmand. The statement further added that the Special Forces killed 4 Taliban militants during the operation. Furthermore, the Special Operations Corps said ... Read More »