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British member of special forces killed fighting ISIS in Syria by explosive device is first casualty from UK armed forces | Mirror

A member of the UK armed forces in the U.S.-led coalition battling Islamic State was killed by an improvised explosive device in Syria, officials have confirmed. The victim is the first casualty from UK Armed Forces in the war-ravaged country. An American soldier was also killed and five other soldiers were injured by a blast. They are the first coalition service members ... Read More »

Intel soldier earns medal of honor, but the IDF can’t say for what | The Times of Israel

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot on Tuesday awarded a combat soldier in Military Intelligence the Medal of Distinguished Service for his role in a secret operation in which he made an “important contribution to the security of the State of Israel.” In addition to the individual award, the Eisenkot also gave a group commendation to the elite Sayeret Matkal ... Read More »

Green Beret recounts 3 Vietnam tours training mercenaries | Blue Ridge Now

Michael “Mike” DiRocco’s experience in the Vietnam War differs from the typical soldier. He was a Green Beret tasked with turning indigenous tribesmen into modern mercenaries. But all Vietnam War veterans get a thank you today. On March 28, 2017 — the 50th anniversary of the war — President Donald Trump signed the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act, declaring March ... Read More »

Vietnam-era rocket launcher may get a new lease on life as Corps ponders a deadlier M-72 | Marine Corps Times

The Corps may soon field a new version of its disposable anti-tank rocket known as the M-72, a weapon system that has seen service with the Marines since the Vietnam War. Manufactured by Norwegian company NAMMO, the 66 mm anti-tank rocket — also known as the M-72 light assault weapon, or LAW — is headed for another upgrade that may see use by ... Read More »

How (Not) to Fight Proxy Wars | The National Interest

Iran’s proxies are running roughshod over America’s allies and interests in the Middle East. Hezbollah is dictating the terms of Lebanese politics and preparing for war with Israel. In Yemen, Houthis indiscriminately launch missiles into Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, in areas of Iraq that Iranian-backed militias have liberated from the Islamic State, hundreds of men and boys have disappeared; scores of others have ... Read More »

Israel Deploys 100 Special Forces Snipers To Gaza Border Ahead Of Palestine Protest | Daily Caller

The Israeli military has deployed more than 100 special forces snipers to the Gaza border in anticipation of the Palestinian “Land Day” protests expected to take place Friday. Gadi Eizenkot, the nation’s top general, made the announcement in a press conference Wednesday. Thousands of Palestinians are expected to engage in mass protest against what they view as an Israeli occupation. ... Read More »

Inside Look Into India’s Special Operations in Myanmar | News 18

After its documentary on India’s September 2016 Surgical Strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, History TV18 is now all set to air a documentary titled ‘Special Operations India: Myanmar’, which will take an inside look at the Indian Army’s special ops against terror outfits near the Indo-Myanmar border. The documentary airs at 9 pm on Wednesday. On 4th June 2015, an ... Read More »

Afghans soon to fly missions with Black Hawks from US | Military Times

The U.S. military has been flying UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter missions in Afghanistan for years, but the storied aircraft will soon take to the country’s battlefields manned by pilots and crews from the Afghan military. The first group of Afghan trainees is in the final phase of instruction by U.S. advisers at an air base in southern Kandahar province, as part ... Read More »

Former Special Forces colonel announces run for GA State Senate District 29 | WTVM

A former Special Forces colonel announced his candidacy in the State Senate District 29 race. Col. Mayo ‘Biff’ Hadden III made the announcement Wednesday afternoon at the Maple Ridge Golf Course Clubhouse in Columbus. Hadden spent years working towards the economic development in the Columbus area. After retiring from the Army, he was vice president of the Columbus Georgia Chamber ... Read More »

The University of Texas Is Pursuing Rex Tillerson As Chancellor | Texas Monthly

Rex Tillerson, who was recently dismissed as President Donald Trump’s secretary of state, is being courted for a new gig closer to home: the top job at the University of Texas System. The Wall Street Journal is reporting, and Texas Monthly has confirmed, that representatives from the University of Texas Board of Regents have approached Tillerson about replacing William McRaven, the retired admiral and ... Read More »

How the US can put its OTA procurement process to best use | Federal Times

There is a right way and a wrong way to do rapid acquisitions for the U.S. military. And the recent debacle over a $950 million internet cloud contract to an Amazon partner, later dramatically cut back by the Pentagon, underscores the wrong approach. The contract made use of an innovation in federal procurement called other transaction authority, or OTA, which is designed ... Read More »

Up to 38 percent of all annual childhood asthma cases in Bradford, U.K. may be caused by air pollution | Science Daily

The study also shows traffic-related air pollution could be specifically responsible for up to 24% of the total number of cases. An international team of researchers has used a newly developed model to assess the impact exposure to nitrogen oxides — gases that make up air pollution — has on the development of childhood asthma. Their study, published today in Environment ... Read More »

Dramatic night-vision video captures US raid to kill ISIS fighters | CNN

Dramatic new video released by the US military on Tuesday reveals rare footage of American special operators and Afghan Special Security Forces conducting a nighttime raid targeting ISIS-affiliated fighters in Afghanistan — footage that the Pentagon said documents the latest in a string of successful operations against ISIS-Khorasan this month. The first-person, night-vision footage was captured during a raid that “killed an ... Read More »