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During WWII, the US Army did a massive survey to get soldiers’ uncensored opinions | Business Insider

1944 photo of soldier smoking

A year into World War II, the US was preparing to join the fight and deploy “the arsenal of democracy” as FDR called it. The Selective Training and Service Act was first introduced which mobilized millions of troops, but maintaining their health and ability to fight proved to be challenging. The War Department decided to carry out an opinion survey ... Read More »

Survey of Worldwide UAS and CUAS Activities and Events | Red Six Solutions, LLC

Collage of different military activities

This survey provides members of the Military and Law Enforcement communities information concerning the tactical employment of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) around the world. All information contained within the report was derived from publicly available information sources available on the Internet. Read the full report: Survey of Worldwide UAS Events Read More »

Breathing for Relaxation | DVID

man holding his head on a couch

Lieutenant Commander Ryan Vienna, a psychiatrist M.D., describes how to properly deal with stress and reduce its adverse effects. He says that while stress can be a motivator, it can also get out of control and activate the nervous system the same way danger does. Controlling how we breathe is a huge beneficial factor, and Vienna offers a simple guide ... Read More »

Could artificial intelligence replace governments? | BBC

Human looking robot

Researchers answer the question of whether or not artificial intelligence could do a better job of managing and leading the world. While machines have the capability to make complicated calculations and operate advanced decision making with cost-benefit analyses, researchers believe that they could never fully replace a human leader. AI has no way to take into account right and wrong ... Read More »

Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030 | RethinkX

This analysis focuses on the new technologies driving the transformation of the food and agriculture sectors and the inevitable implications for the cattle industry in the U.S.  A huge paradigm shift away from today’s world farming economy in favor of superior cheaper and more benign vat grown fermented food products is foreseen that will make conventional beef production non-competitive. “We ... Read More »

‘Give it to them, boys!’ — Stunning audio captures the chaos of D-Day as you’ve never heard it before | Task and Purpose

1944 photo of soldiers June 6th

George Hicks, the radio correspondent during the events of D-Day, caught 13 minutes of audio on a Recordgraph tape recording system of the largest amphibious landing in war history. While the recording has largely been regarded as one of the most iconic relics from WWII, the original audio has never been heard until now. Bruce Campbell from Florida discovered the ... Read More »

The Danger of Abandoning Our Partners | The Atlantic – General Joseph Votel

Soldiers with guns

“The abrupt policy decision to seemingly abandon our Kurdish partners could not come at a worse time. The decision was made without consulting U.S. allies or senior U.S. military leadership and threatens to affect future partnerships at precisely the time we need them most, given the war-weariness of the American public coupled with ever more sophisticated enemies determined to come ... Read More »

Pentagon announces Invictus Games competitors | The Fayetteville Observer

Soldiers in wheelchairs celebrate winning basketball

The Invictus Games will happen at The Hague in Netherlands on May 9th-16th where a team of 65 members of the US are expected to participate, including eight soldiers from Special Operations units and several high-ranked Army officers. Over 500 wounded service members from 19 allied nations will participate in sports like archery, cycling, wheelchair ball games, and indoor rowing. ... Read More »

Data showing 160th SOAR’s pilot shortage is merely a ‘snapshot in time’ | Military Times

tan chinook

The A/MH, MH-60 and MH-47 pilot communities of the Army Special Forces Command are facing shortages that could indicate that all combat aviation brigades are understaffed.  However, Lt. Col. Loren Bymer promises that these numbers are merely a “snapshot in time” and do not depict reality, though he declined to release information about the true strength of the command. The ... Read More »

An artificial skin that can help rehabilitation and enhance virtual reality | Science Daily

gloved hands in a lab with a Petri dish

Technology that replicates the human sense of touch may be able to enhance human-computer interfaces that are applicable to medicine and virtual reality. Scientists have teamed up to develop artificial skin that can conform to the wearer’s wrist and respond to pressure and vibration. The skin mimics haptic feedback and continuously measures the skin’s deformation to provide a sense as ... Read More »

This abandoned ‘Forbidden City’ was once the largest Soviet military base in East Germany | CNN

Abandoned statue in city

Once home to around 40,000 Soviet soldiers, this Forbidden City is now abandoned and open to tours in Germany. The last Russian troops left the military complex in 1994. Zossen’s mayor at the time, Werner Lesse, remembers the soldiers “had to leave quickly”, leaving food on the tables and pets behind.  Murals of Communist heroes still line the walls and ... Read More »

NASA’s Curiosity Rover finds an ancient oasis on Mars | Science Daily

Curiosity Mars explorer

NASA’s Curiosity Rover discovered areas with rocks enriched with mineral salts that are evidence of shallow ponds that used to be on the surface of the planet. Materials found by Curiosity show that Mars used to be covered in streams that went through cycles of overflowing then drying up. Using this new information, scientists want to know why Mars transitioned ... Read More »