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1st SFG (A) Green Beret Medical Sergeants assist Madigan Army Medical Center in fight against COVID-19 | DVIDS

Five Green Beret medics from the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) have been assisting medical personnel at Madigan Army Medical Center. They have been providing inventive and rehabilitative care to those who are fighting the coronavirus. The 18D team is largely assisting the emergency medicine physicians and their assistants in order to take some of the strain off the workers. ... Read More »

Nigerian Forces board attacked boxship, rescue 11 crew from citadel | Ships and Ports

The Portuguese-flagged containership Tommi Ritscher was boarded by Nigerian Special Forces after it was attacked. Eleven crew members had fled to the citadel after the ship was attacked by pirates and have been rescued by the special forces. The maritime security firm Dryad Global reported that there has been no update on eight crew members who they believe are currently being ... Read More »

Trump says he’s instructed Navy to ‘destroy’ any Iranian gunboats harassing US ships | Fox News

On Wednesday, President Trump told the U.S. Navy to “shoot down and destroy” any Iranian gunboats that are threatening or harassing U.S. ships. Last week the U.S. Navy and Army were conducting drills in the Persian gulf area when 11 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Navy vessels began to harass them. The Iranian ships repeatedly crossed in between the U.S. vessels ... Read More »

Facing PCS backlogs, Army wants to increase incentives for soldiers to move themselves | Military.com

The U.S. Army has been offering hundreds of waivers to service members needing to move despite the Defense Department-wide ban on domestic and international travel until June 30th. In order to prevent a major backlog once the ban is lifted service members and their families are being allowed to themselves. Around 48,000 personnel are currently waiting to PCS and a ... Read More »

‘Zoombombing’ targeted with new version of app | BBC News

‘Zoombombing’ is the newest video calling term that has been coined to describe the situation when someone who is not supposed to be on the call joins anyway. Data security and privacy has also been an issue and a growing concern. A new app is set to launch that will tackle the video call bombing and security issues. Zoom has ... Read More »

Apple iPhone at risk of hacking through email app | BBC News

ZecOps has published researching showing a weakness in the Apple iPhone email app. Their report also shows that it has been proven that at least six high-profile users had been hacked. Apple responded stating that they would immediately look into the issue and resolve the security breach, as they were unaware of the weakness. In order to exploit the flaw, ... Read More »

Kabul attack on Sikh temple kills 25 | 7News

Hours after an attack on a Sikh temple, the Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility. A single gunman held worshippers hostage for several hours while Afghan Special Forces worked to clear the building. The terrorist ended up killing 25 and wounding at least eight others. One of those killed has been confirmed to be a child. Over 80 worshippers were ... Read More »

919th SOW maintainers: Socially distant, operationally ready | U.S. Air Force

A small group from the 919th Special Operations Maintenance Squadron located at Duke Field have been working to remain prepared despite the coronavirus pandemic. One of these essential tasks is working to keep the wing’s C-146A operating. They can be seen working while wearing face masks and gloves when within six feet of other airmen. “We have established rolling work ... Read More »

7 Somalia Special Forces killed in a roadside bomb attack near Mogadishu, Somalia | Somalia Guardian

At least seven Somalia Special Forces trained by the U.S. were killed when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb near the town of Afgoye. Locals have confirmed that the vehicle was completely destroyed and that the wounded soldiers were quickly picked up and sent to receive medical attention. Somali military officials have yet to comment on the attack which occurred ... Read More »

What happens if U.S. reopens too fast? Documents show federal coronavirus projections | NPR News

Federal health experts and officials have estimated that the best-case scenario is 300,000 U.S. deaths if the coronavirus is not handled correctly. If all social distancing and business closure standards are completely dispersed too soon the results could be disastrous. Numerous models have been created and tested in order to find the best solution for everyone. Some people are becoming ... Read More »

COVID-19 trends: Looking past first-order effects | Trends

Steph Smith delves into how society and life all across the globe has been affected by the coronavirus. The largest pandemic of our lifetime has seen numerous methods of response. This sideshow examines how our country responded to the virus and how our lives are taking a toll. Source: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oyUyITDvl2Pt1iFpy-bf-DENOuwLbnxvH0HM_4jdg6E/preview?slide=id.g487dd85cdb_1_108 Read More »