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The surprising traits of good remote leaders | BBC Worklife

A study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology found out that workers who are organized, dependable, and productive take the lead of the pack virtually. As companies transition to remote working, leaders who plan and communicate well with peers, who are willing to give a helping hand to teammates and knows how to get things done are the emerging leaders. These leaders were goal-focused, productive, dependable, and helpful. Source: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200827-why-in-person-leaders-may-not-be-the-best-virtual-ones Read More »

New Hubble data suggests there is an ingredient missing from current dark matter theories | Science Daily

Astronomers discovered that there is a missing link on their study with dark matter theories based on their new data from the Hubble telescope. Dark matter is the invisible glue that keeps stars bound together inside a galaxy and makes up the bulk of the matter in the Universe. Using Hubble imaging and VL T spectroscopy, the astronomers have uncovered an unexpected discrepancy between observations of the dark ... Read More »

How does health influence voting behavior? | Medical News Today

Eight months before the 2020 presidential election, a poll from Kaiser Family Foundation shows that healthcare and the economy are the top issues of registered voters. Another interesting study also reveals that people with ongoing health concerns are more likely to support a party that offers more comprehensive healthcare reforms. However, these individuals are less likely to vote due to worsening health. With this realization, it is ... Read More »

Florence’s wine portals from the 17th Century | BBC Travel

Since the lockdown, more restaurants are closing and abiding by social distancing protocol. The buchette del vino, or “wine holes”, became a prominent symbol of the Bubonic plague of 1630 as they allowed for the safe sale of wine and food to avoid infection. Today, restaurants are using the wine holes again as an opportunity to serve their customers and for locals to reminisce about their rich history. Source: http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20200910-florences-wine-portals-from-the-17th-century?ocid=global_travel_rss Read More »

Homeowners overlook near-record mortgage rates, looming fee | MoneyWise

Refinancing application for mortgages is down despite the attractive low-interest rates. Homeowners who have a credit score of 720 or better may gain big savings from refinancing. You may be missing out on opportunities to cut your monthly mortgage payments by almost $290 a month on average. It should be noted that a new refinance fee would take effect its return shortly and MBA warned it would cost the average borrower more since ... Read More »

15 Characteristics of high achievers you need to know | Life Hack

Do you ever wonder how one person can achieve so much with their personal or career goals? High achievers are determined to work on their vision and take it into action. They are self-motivated and persistent even if things do not go according to plan. Here are lists of characteristics of high achievers we can slowly mold within ourselves to achieve success in life. Source: https://www.lifehack.org/884654/high-achievers Read More »

Feeling overwhelmed? Developing this one skill can help | Forbes

Ally Nathaniel, a leadership and EQ consultant, shares her approach in handling the feeling of being overwhelmed. “The first step in building emotional resilience is creating emotional awareness,” she says. We have to listen to our feelings and understand our triggers instead of concealing our emotions. Ally suggests having a listening buddy who we can trust. Worrying is an illusion that takes so much energy and time while leading to nowhere. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephanieburns/2020/09/03/feeling-overwhelmed-developing-this-one-skill-can-help/#72e826d87536 Read More »

Rear Adm. H. W. Howard III relieved Rear Adm. Collin P. Green as Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) during a change of command ceremony | DVIDS

Rear Adm. H. W. Howard III has relieved Rear Adm. Collin P. Green as Commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command. U.S. Army General Richard D. Clarke, Commander of the United States Special Operations Command was the presiding officer and stated, “for 19 years, SOF has been the tip of the spear operating around the globe to protect our American ... Read More »

A new island of hope rising from the Indian Ocean | BBC Travel

The island of Maldives is one of the most attractive tourist spots around the world. However, the island is threatened by rising ocean levels due to climate change and is predicted to be submerged by the year 2100. To solve this problem, a new artificial Island of Hope named Hulhumalé was built by using millions of cubic meters of sand pumped from the seabed.  Long-term ambitions for Hulhumalé are envisioned as hosting up to 240,000 people in a well-designed style by the mid-2020s. This vision ... Read More »

Australian telescope finds no signs of alien technology in 10 million star systems | Science Daily

A radio telescope known as Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) telescope was used by astronomers to explore the space around the Vela constellation with at least 10 million stars. Even if there were no observation of any radio emission from space, this is the deepest and broadest search at low frequencies for extraterrestrial life. “Although there is a long way to go in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, telescopes such as the MWA will continue ... Read More »