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Canada’s little-known Emerald Isle | BBC Travel

Canada’s not-so-known Fogo island in Newfoundland is a place of predominantly Irish settlement. It found international fame when the luxurious hotel Fogo Island Inn opened in 2013 where it will surely give you an ambiance of the old-style landscape of Ireland. Over time, Tilting in Fogo Island has developed its place to attract tourists. They practice ‘Launching’ where the community can move ... Read More »

Former Marine sergeant allegedly smuggled guns to Haiti in plot to train army and become president | Marine Corps Times

Marine Sgt. Jacques Yves Sebastien Duroseau planned out on smuggling illegal firearms to his homeland of Haiti. He was a former Marine sergeant, and it was stated by his ally that he wants to train the Haitian Army and become the nation’s president. Duroseau had brought eight firearms, including four 9 mm pistols, one .45 caliber pistol, two 5.56 mm ... Read More »

The American Mercenary | Full Measure

Two United States veterans were accused of being hired as mercenaries earlier this year after failing their mission and being taken into Venezuelan custody. This raised questions about what private military mercenaries and contractors really do. John Tiegan, a military contractor who worked for the CIA in Benghazi where terrorist attacked, stated during the interview “The biggest difference between hired ... Read More »

‘Raw bravery’: Barrett awards special tactics airman the Air Force Cross for valor in firefight | Air Force Times

United States forces and Afghan forces were ambushed on the 8th of April and were under “intense machine gun and sniper fire.” This resulted in a firefight in which Germanovich, a combat controller with the 26th Special Tactics Squadron, immediately sprinted towards his isolated fellow troopers. This put him in direct danger as he sprinted through 70 meters of enemy ... Read More »

Do this to increase your bench press | Breaking Muscle

Bench press provides adequate upper body strength and muscular endurance. But for beginners and intermediate lifters, they may encounter some issue because the still need to improve their pectorals in their shoulders and triceps or there is a difficulty to rapidly absorb and reserve the direction of the load. It can also be due to poor technique but whichever the ... Read More »

How to invest in startups | Sam Altman

Investing in startups require that you know well the potential of the business you are eyeing for. Sam Altman advice that his criteria when meeting a founder is if he can see himself working for that person and if he can imagine them taking over their industry. Predicting successful founders is a process and you will observe it over time ... Read More »

The Grinch at 29 Palms? Marines claim excessive duty is forcing them to stay on the base during the holidays | Marine Corps Times

It was reported by several noncommissioned officers in one battalion of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms in California that a recent change to the duty roster will see them staying in the barracks during the leave block instead of spending time with their families this holiday. It was allegedly reported by an anonymous marine that the change ... Read More »

Why ‘preppers’ are going mainstream | BBC News

Learning the basics of survival has now become mainstream because of the ongoing climate disasters that are happening around the world. People are now much aware of preparing for an emergency since they have encountered previous disasters and learned to be resourceful in times of crisis. “I saw a kind of insatiable desire for self-sufficiency and safety in this age ... Read More »

Special Forces kill Al-Shabaab militants including foreigners | Garowe Online

Somalian Special Forces have taken out 17 Al-Shabaab militants who were responsible for wreaking havoc throughout the Lower Shabelle. There has been a nationwide crackdown for 10 months on these types of terrorist groups. Many of the militants were killed during an operation to retake several local towns from terrorist control. Source: https://www.garoweonline.com/en/news/somalia/danab-special-forces-kill-al-shabaab-militants-including-foreigners Read More »