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Exclusive: Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy | San Francisco Chronicle

A nuclear aircraft carrier currently has over 100 infected soldiers on board. The captain is now begging the Navy to send in more supplies and resources as more soldiers have become sick. He is also asking that the crew members be allowed on dry land and go into isolation, since quarantine and isolation methods on the carrier are almost impossible ... Read More »

Air Force Academy eases restrictions after 2 suspected suicides | Military.com

Numerous complaints have been made in the recent days following strict guidelines implemented at the Air Force Academy. Around 1,000 seniors are still on campus, and emails have shown that social distancing and other restrictions have created a prison-like environment. Cadets still on campus had been spread out, were unable to have any contact with others, and were not allowed ... Read More »

More soldiers called in to combat coronavirus | Sydney Morning Herald

The Australian Defence Force will be deploying more units throughout the country in order to help combat the coronavirus. A new mission, Operation COVID-19 ASSIST, will have hundreds of solders deploy to all states and territories. These troops will help enforce quarantine regulations and business closures. Senator Reynolds commented that the operation was created to “protect Australians and support state ... Read More »

Drones’ new mission | Israel Homeland Security

Drones are now being used around the world to assist officials in spreading news about the coronavirus. In China, drones with loudspeakers are being flown through the streets to remind residents to stay indoors and inform them of new regulations. Police in both France and Spain have also been using UAVs to locate people breaking the law and ignoring quarantine ... Read More »

The Honor Foundation: A Community Post Community | The Honor Foundation, The Blast

The Honor Foundation is a nonprofit focused on helping the SOF community transition from military life to the civilian world. They are partners with the Navy SEAL Foundation and aim to provide the best possible transition for SOF members and their families. Numerous programs and educational materials are offered through courses online and across the country. The Honor Foundation also ... Read More »

Coronavirus: Countries reject Chinese-made equipment | BBC

Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands have called out China for sending them thousands of defective coronavirus testing kits and protective masks. On Saturday the Dutch health ministry announced that they had to recall over 600,000 medical masks that came from China due to them being below standard or defective. The equipment had already been distributed to medical workers and had ... Read More »

Blood test ‘can check for more than 50 types of cancer’ | BBC

Current trials have shown that a certain blood test can predict over 50 types of cancer with 99% accuracy before someone shows any symptoms. The testing looks at samples of blood to find telltale chemical changes to pieces of genetic code that leaked into the bloodstream that comes from a tumor. Some of the types of cancer tested include bowel, ... Read More »

How advanced military medical technology could help in the fight against COVID-19 | War on the Rocks

COVID-19 has continued to spread across the globe and impact citizens, businesses, and the military everywhere. While certain necessities needed to fight the virus and care for patients are more easily accessible, certain aspects such as staffing, medicine, and protective equipment are harder to come by. Now, the Department of Defense should look to telemedicine as one of the solutions. ... Read More »

Coronavirus: Hurlburt Field going to ‘mission-essential’ personnel only on Tuesday | NWF Daily News

Hurlburt Airfield and the Air Force Special Operations Command will be sending almost everyone home due to the coronavirus, only keeping essential personnel at work. 1st Special Operations Wing announced the vast closings on Monday amidst numerous other bases and airfields beginning to limit the number of people at work. A Tuesday announcement also noted that the airfield “will be ... Read More »

Facebook is giving $100 million in grants to small businesses affected by the coronavirus. Here’s how to apply | Business Insider

As small businesses are taking a major hit from the coronavirus, Facebook is now offering $100 million in grants to struggling businesses. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has announced that the grants will come in forms of cash and advertising credit in order to help cover expenses and paying their employees. “Whatever happens next, we will be working to help businesses ... Read More »

China defends against incoming second wave of coronavirus | Reuters

Ground zero for the coronavirus has begun to see an increased number in cases after the end of the first wave. Wuhan recently received 693 positive cases from overseas and other cities, with the possibly for new infections high. Xu Hejian, a spokesman for the Beijing government, has commented that Beijing remains the most at risk throughout the country. Currently ... Read More »

DOD isolating critical troops and commanders to be ready in a crisis amid pandemic | Waay ABC

Some of the most influential and critical military forces are now isolated due to the growing pandemic. Extreme measures have been implemented in order to prevent the virus from spreading to protected officials and SOF members. “We are isolating specific command personnel involved in critical mission areas, including homeland defense functions,” commented an official at NORAD. All buildings are also ... Read More »