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Law Enforcement / SWAT Fitness Testing Prep Guides | Stew Smith

Those in government law enforcement, the police, and firefighters all have to pass physical fitness tests as well as attend courses. Attending one of these academies or showing up to take your qualifying fitness test without proper preparation is setting yourself up for failure. Many of these often focus on specific muscle groups or workouts, meaning that even if you ... Read More »

Iraq’s ‘high-threat’ terrain made recovery of US service members’ remains a 6-hour ordeal: report | Fox News

Capt. Moises A. Navas and Gunnery Sgt. Diego D. Pongo were killed in Iraq on Sunday while on a mission inside an ISIS stronghold. Four other service members were wounded during the mission. It took U.S. forces six hours to navigate the extreme terrain in order to recover their remains. Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie commented that the terrain in the ... Read More »

Watch Russian reconnaissance aircraft off Alaskan coast intercepted by U.S., Canadian jets | NBC News

Two Russian reconnaissance aircraft had been flying in the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone for almost four hours. The U.S. and Canada intercepted the two aircraft that got within 50 miles of the Alaskan coastline. The North American Aerospace Defense Command had fighter aircraft escort the Russian aircraft for almost four hours while they flew through international airspace over the ... Read More »

Pentagon to decide if it still needs Green Beret Crisis Response Forces | Military.com

A source from inside U.S. Special Operations Command has reported that the story told by news source SOFREP about the disbanding of the Green Beret Crisis Response Force is not entirely accurate. The source stated that while the CRF is not being used to their full capacity, they will not be disbanded, only considered for more flexible roles. Defense Secretary ... Read More »

Delta, American slash flights amid coronavirus travel slump; United warns of first-quarter loss | Forbes

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines have announced that they will be cutting back on the number of flights offered due to the coronavirus. Delta is reducing system capacity by 15% and American Airlines will cut back during their summer season by 10%. United Airlines also shared recent data showing that the number of flight bookings in the U.S. has dropped as ... Read More »

The US is helping the Taliban fight ISIS, CENTCOM’s top general says | Defense One

U.S. Central Commander head Gen. Frank McKenzie has reported that the U.S. is providing limited support to the Taliban in a fight against Islamic State fighters. The shocking report gave almost no other detail, including location, reasons, or updates on how the fight was going. McKenzie did comment that the Taliban had recently been successful in driving back ISIS fighters, ... Read More »

What you should know about creatine | Men’s Health

Many dietitians are recommending a supplement of 5,000 milligrams of creatine a day for weightlifters. Creatine will help you improve your workout by providing more fuel and energy for your body, meaning it can help you sprint or lift for longer periods of time. In order to get the amount of creatine required to help you hit long-term goals, you ... Read More »

‘Social distancing’ and workplace wipedowns come to the Pentagon in wake of coronavirus threat | Washington Examiner

The 23,000 military and civilian officials who work at the Pentagon have been instructed to remain two arm’s lengths apart in light of the coronavirus. “We’re encouraging everybody to practice good social distancing,” commented a spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman. He also said that meetings where you would normally see everyone jammed into one room are now spread out over several locations ... Read More »

Special military operations exchange on among Bangladesh, UK, US | Dhaka Tribune

Operation Monogram is coming to a close after almost a month of training completed between the U.S., U.K., and Bangladesh. This was the first exercise to take place between the three countries with SOF members from each, as well as elements from the Bangladesh Navy. The exercise aimed at increasing collaboration between the countries in response to threats, terrorism, and ... Read More »

Long-lost bunker belonging to ‘Churchill’s secret army’ discovered in Scottish forest | Live Science

Forestry workers in Southern Scotland discovered a door in the ground while felling trees. The door led to a secret WWII-era bunker created for the secretive and elite British Auxiliary Units. The Auxiliary Units, also known as Churchill’s secret army, was created to defend against Nazi attacks using guerilla warfare. Hundreds of tiny bunkers were scattered across the countryside, designed ... Read More »

Plans to move tankers, special operations wing from Mildenhall to Germany are put on hold | Stars & Stripes

Refueling tankers and the special operations wing from RAF Mildenhall in England were supposed to be moved to Germany. RAF Mildenhall was approved for closure in 2015 by the Pentagon but has now been put on hold. A reassessment is now in process by U.S. European Command to determine if closing the base is in the best interest of the ... Read More »

Second patient cured of HIV, say doctors | BBC

Adam Castillejo from London has now been cured from HIV for over 30 months, making him the second patient cured from the virus. In 2011 Timothy Brown was declared cured after three and a half years of not having the virus following similar treatment. Both men received stem-cell treatment transplants that worked by replacing the patient’s immune cells with the ... Read More »