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Facebook to pay $52m to content moderators over PTSD | BBC News

A class action lawsuit was brought against Facebook by some of its content moderators claiming their job gave them PTSD. Facebook has agreed to pay out $52 million to the affected workers and is expected to be signed off on later this year. The social media platform uses a combination of human employees and AI to sort through reported content ... Read More »

Family of ex-Green Beret captured in Venezuela says men likely believed they were trying to liberate the oppressed | Military Times

Army Special Forces veteran Luke Denman would normally go off the grid for days or weeks at a time before popping back up. His older brother Mark has stated that until he saw the videos and pictures of the failed coup in Venezuela, he assumed that Luke was off the grid or working on an oil rig. Mark has said ... Read More »

US Special Operations arms surveillance aircraft for precision attack | Fox News

U.S. Special Operations Command is looking to use small surveillance aircraft that can provide support to ground troops. These aircraft are outfitted with cameras, hellfire missiles, and laser-guided rockets. The goal is to locate and target the enemy with an airstrike first in order to diminish the amount of engagement the ground troops have to face. This will decrease the ... Read More »

Army astronaut returns from historic nine-month space voyage | SWOK News

On April 17th retired Army Col. Andrew Morgan returned to earth after spending nine months in space. While on the International Space Station Morgan kept tabs on the coronavirus and shared his support for medical personnel during this time. He landed in Baikonur, Kazakhstan before traveling to Houston. “I don’t know that I expected things would change quite as much; ... Read More »

Three UN troops killed in Northern Mali mine blast | VOA News

Three U.N. troops were killed, and three others were seriously wounded on Sunday morning in northern Mali. Their convoy struck a roadside bomb while on a routine patrol in the Aguelhok commune. Olivier Salgado, the spokesman for the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, has confirmed the event and stated that reinforcements have been sent to the area. Currently the U.N. ... Read More »

Medal of Honor effort renewed for Girard veteran | Tribune Chronicle

While on a mountain in the A Shau Valley of Vietnam, Ken David and his battalion were attack by the North Vietnamese Army. Six U.S. troops were killed and 14 more were wounded, including David. He has since been credited with saving his 13 wounded comrades by drawing the enemy’s attention toward himself and emptying 27 magazines worth of return ... Read More »

Real estate is still a popular investment pick. Here’s what you need to know about buying in a downturn | CNBC News

Buying a home is considered to be one of the biggest investments you can choose. Many are wondering what they should do if they were looking to buy a home during the coronavirus pandemic. “In most historic recessions, the property market has either remained largely resilient or was only impacted across certain real estate sectors,” commented Dhruv Arora, CEO of ... Read More »

Taiwan trains counter-terrorism troops for Middle Eastern country | Taiwan News

A high-ranking military official has commented that Taiwan’s Military Police Special Services Company will be training counter-terrorism troops in the Middle East. Taiwan is one of the only Asian countries capable of maintaining and training special forces troops, as well as provide training to other countries. The Middle Eastern country that will receive the training has not been released. The ... Read More »

AFRL adapts PJ tactics for COVID-19 monitoring | Dayton Daily News

The Air Force Research Laboratory has looked to the Air Force pararescue community for an innovative way to help fight the coronavirus. With medical personnel being stretched thin as the number of cases continues to rise, they needed a way to help care for patients remotely. The solution they found was the Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit, or BATDOK. ... Read More »