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The Navy’s fight against scurvy | DVIDS

The scurvy disease has been known as the “Black Death of the sea” and was once considered deadly as smallpox. The sailors knew nothing about their vitamin C deficiency until Dr. William Paul Crillon Barton found a cure against scurvy while aboard the USS United States in 1809. Barton administered a citrus concoction to the crewmembers and spread the word ... Read More »

The tiny forests designed by feng shui | BBC Travel

The feng shui forest, or fengshuilin, is situated in the ancient Hakka village of Guizhuping where it is protected and preserved for around 400 years. The heritage trees are believed to bring prosperity and good health to the Han people. They consider these forests to be sacred, so they give respect by putting incense-decorated shrines dedicated to the Earth gods ... Read More »

Galilean sniper sights: How well did they work? | American Rifleman

British Galilean “optical” sights a more mysterious piece amongst collectors and students, as well as propose questions as to how large of a role they played in WWI. There are numerous questions regarding the sight that need to be answered, such as were they better than iron sights, and what evidence is there of their tactical use? American Rifleman delves ... Read More »

Ethics in special operations and the Joint Special Operations Forces Senior Enlisted Academy | Small Wars Journal

As competition with China and Russia continues to rise, special operation forces must be reimagined for more ethical decision making and leadership. After decades of operators largely being focused on counterterrorism and counter weapons of mass destruction, they’re approach must shift. The need for the United States to build “micro-level relationships” has rose exponentially, with the Joint Special Operations University ... Read More »

5 Big mistakes troops make during PT test training | Military.com

Stew Smith observed the five common mistakes troops do during PT Test Training. Fitness tests are an inevitable part of being in the military and you have a high likely chance of passing the requirements when you have prepared adequately. He said getting better at your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths requires you to do workouts that you might not ... Read More »

Acting with power | Leading Blog

Having power takes responsibility in every aspect of being a leader. Deborah Gruenfeld stated in her book Acting with Power, that “power is the capacity for social control.” Leaders have the ability to power up and power down depending on the circumstances each face. We all act with power to protect what is important to us. “Playing power down is ... Read More »

How to set goals you’ll actually achieve | Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt shares that the key to success is having a clear set of written goals that outline and provide actionable steps. For him, SMARTER goals mean being Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time-bound, Exciting, and Relevant. He shares that it is critical creating SMARTER goals first to provide new clarity about what is most important to you to start a new year. ... Read More »

Care packages are not kindling for burn pits | Military.com

Operation Gratitude sends thousands of care packages from 20,000 deployed troops during the global pandemic. Kevin Schmiegel, Paul Cucinotta, and Danielle Tenconi shared their opinions about the importance of the act of giving in these uncertain times who beg to differ on the opinion expressed by Andrew James McCormick that care packages end up in burn pits. “They are powerful ... Read More »

‘Peanuts’ creator Charles Schulz’s experiences in WWII shaped the character of Charlie Brown | Stars & Stripes

Former Army staff sergeant and cartoonist Charles Schulz found inspiration in World War II in putting together the comic strip “Peanuts.” In 1942, he started his military journey and that meant that he would have to leave his sick mother who wanted to have a dog named Snoopy. Later, Schulz pursued cartooning, which he had trained for before getting drafted. ... Read More »