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Special Forces issues have deep historic roots | The Strategist

military standing arm in arm

While the public tends to focus on the unlawful acts of individual members of the Special Forces, there is much to be said about cultural drivers and decisions made by the chain-of-command historically. For Australia, the end of WWII saw the formation of its first special forces unit after Britain re-formed its Special Air Service. Australia’s 1st Special Air Services ... Read More »

Army Special Forces practice conventional, unconventional warfare | Business Insider

Soldiers being trained

Approximately 5,400 participants from 15 NATO and partner nations took part in the exercise at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center, September 3-30, 2019.  Nations included Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuanian, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the US.  The exercise also partnered about 100 Multinational SOF from Bulgaria, the US, and ... Read More »

Army special operators look to counter disinformation | Stars and Stripes

Soldier holding a tablet

As training for the Green Berets and Rangers aims to have members master the basics, Army special operators shift from trying to inhabit secure bases to practicing survival in large-scale combat. USASOC leaders started carrying out the new plan this last week and expressed their desire to incorporate cyber and information warfare into all aspects of training. On the flip ... Read More »

Pentagon Backs Contractors to Limit Disclosing Foreign Discounts | Bloomberg

Military Electronic Warefare vehicle

The government wants to force the Department of Defense to disclose discounts given to other nations and fill out detailed reports whenever it exempts buyers from certain laws surrounding development costs. The bill is meant to safeguard taxpayers and prevent the Department from allowing wealthy Gulf nations to not pay money they owe to the US. The Pentagon supposedly approved ... Read More »

Can solar technology kill cancer cells? | Science Daily

Dropper squeezing purple fluid into tubes

Sophia and Richard Lunt discovered an approach to detect and attack cancer cells by utilizing solar power technology to improve light-activated fluorescent dyes. The dyes typically aid with diagnosis, image-guided surgery, and site-specific tumor treatment, but the new method could allow the dyes to accelerate chemical reactions. The concept has been tested in breast, lung, and skin cancer cells of ... Read More »

Narcissists ‘horrible people but happy’ | BBC News

Man fixing cuff of shirt

Narcissists are defined by holding superior views of themselves, showing little empathy, and taking part in more risky behaviors without shame or guilt. Researchers at Queen’s University are trying to understand why narcissism is on the rise even though it is seen as “socially toxic,” and the answer may be that individuals who are narcissistic tend to be more successful. ... Read More »

Pentagon ask for tech help | Networks and Cyber

Image of cyber security professional on computer

The Defense Department has indicated that it will soon be releasing a Request for Proposal to the private sector asking for ways to apply 5G network technology to the military and solve security problems. The whole process will begin with projects at four Defense Department instillations experimenting with VR training and mission planning, smart warehouses that track supplies using 5G ... Read More »

MRI may help doctors differentiate causes of memory loss | Science Daily

woman in a medical lab

A UCLA-led study finds that, with the use of MRI scans, it is possible to distinguish between memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury.  Researchers say the finding is important because it could help prevent a misdiagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, which can be devastating for patients and their families. One study found that as many as 21 ... Read More »

The World War II Version of the Navy SEALs Suffered 52% Casualties at D-Day’s Omaha Beach | The National Interest

D-Day soldiers looking out from the boat

The beach obstacles to the D-Day landing included massive concrete tetrahedra, wooden embankments, bristly steel structures, and half-submerged traps and barricades lined with explosives. In order to clear the way for landing craft and ships, the Navy SEALs were tasked with clearing the obstacles under enemy fire, something they had been training for since exactly a year ago with the ... Read More »