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Department of Defense  

  • Arbitration Services |¬†More¬†

Department of Health and Human Services  

  • Internal Medicine (Cardiology) |¬†More¬†
  • Virtual Home Health Care Research |¬†More¬†

Department of the Interior 

  • Nimbus Fish Hatchery Passage |¬†More¬†

Department of Justice  

  • Supply & Install of Food Digester |¬†More¬†
  • Parking Lot |¬†More¬†
  • San Antonio – 2020 Leadership Conference |¬†More¬†

 Department of Labor 

  • Residential Rent Transaction Data |¬†More¬†

Department of State 

  • Expendables Supplies Replenishment |¬†More¬†
  • Residential Security Alarm Installation and Maintenance |¬†More¬†
  • Generator Maintenance Services |¬†More¬†

Department of the Treasury  

  • Chaplain Services for the Gulfport Home |¬†More¬†
  • Various Safety Equipment |¬†More¬†
  • Safety/Cleaning Equipment |¬†More¬†

Department of Veterans Affairs 

  • Kettles Deliver/Installation¬†|¬†More¬†
  • Fisher House Linen Services |¬†More¬†
  • Road Salt Milwaukee |¬†More¬†