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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ornate Operators: Indian Navy’s Covert MARCOS Eliminate Enemies on Land, Air or Sea | Frontier India

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The unsung heroes of the sea are MARCOS. They are covert surgical strikes that come in and go out. 

The rigid and fragmented global defense force organization faces difficulty as the battlefield changes. The Indian Marine Special Forces were launched by the Indian Navy in early February 1987. (IMSF). The name was changed to Marine Commando Force (MCF) or MARCOS, meaning “sabotage forces of the marines,” in 1991. One is left to wonder about the elusive marine commandos, MARCOS, in light of this revelation. Before graduating, volunteers go through extensive training that includes the selection and a course to become an operator, a 9-month course at the school for combat swimmers, and an additional 12 months for counterterrorism, special intelligence, and sabotage techniques. The American Marines are frequently dramatized in popular literature as unstoppable beings who embody the best of human physicality and military utility. This dramatization is turned into reality by MARCOS.

Source: https://frontierindia.com/ornate-operators-indian-navys-covert-marcos-eliminate-enemies-on-land-air-or-sea/



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