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Friday, December 2, 2022

Operational information on 25.09.2022 | The Odessa Journal

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The valiant Ukrainian people’s defense against a massive Russian military assault is still going strong on day 214.

The command of the Russian occupying forces orders the deployment of newly arrived untrained soldiers to reinforce units who have incurred losses close to the battle lines. This has had a considerable impact on the decline in the morale and psychological well-being of enemy military members as well as the effectiveness of their job performance. Opportunistically, the enemy keeps targeting civilian houses and infrastructure. The possibility of enemy airstrikes and missile attacks on the entire area of Ukraine still exists.

Defense Forces of Ukraine have launched 21 strikes against enemy infrastructure and military concentration, hitting 6 command and control points, 11 areas of concentration of enemy manpower, 2 positions of anti-aircraft systems, 6 warehouses with ammunition, and  two enemy UAV’s.



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