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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Op-Ed: The CIA has backed Ukrainian insurgents before. Let’s learn from those mistakes | LA Times

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A year after the CIA’s initial operation in Ukraine, operatives engaged in the program re-entered the country.

As Ukraine burns, it seems that the CIA has returned to the Cold War by training Ukrainians for an insurrection against Russia. News article from the previous month stated that the CIA had trained Ukrainian Special Forces and intelligence agents at a secret site in the United States. their are claims that since 2015, the program has prepared students for insurrection in the case of a Russian takeover. Optimists seem to have forgotten the lessons from previous initiatives, notably the CIA’s initial attempt to fund an uprising against the Soviets in 1949, according to Ghitis. The presence of the CIA in Ukraine provides Russia with an even stronger excuse to attack the broader populace.

Since the CIA training program is now public knowledge, Russia may argue convincingly that Ukrainian separatists are CIA agents. Officers participating in the program realized they were waging a losing battle in 1950, only one year after the first CIA operation in Ukraine. There is no convincing evidence that the Ukrainians can continue an insurgency. David Rothkopf’s phrase: Even if a Ukrainian uprising continues to bleed Russia for years, the war might spread instability across Europe. When the U.S. or other outsider’s route weapons to proxy combatants, the danger multiplies enormously since such armaments might wind up in the hands of terrorists, militias, or other organizations for decades.

There is also the possibility that a proxy war in Ukraine might lead unwittingly to a full-scale conflict between the United States and Russia. In 1949, the CIA’s backing of Ukrainian resistance groups was denounced as “cold cruelty” because it pushed them to die.

Source: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2022-02-25/ukraine-cia-insurgents-russia-invasion

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