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Monday, December 5, 2022

One Veteran’s remarkable results with acupuncture | VA

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Army paratrooper Eric Sifford suffered vertebral injuries in 2004 when a tree blocked his leap and caused him to fall roughly 30 feet. He has had excruciating anguish ever since.

Sifford believed that all of his choices for pain medication had been explored and that his future was gloomy, including the possibility of additional surgeries. But now, things have changed. After serving in the Marine Corps and Army for almost 30 years, the Veteran credits effective Whole Health treatments for his improved health. Whole Health is an alternative approach to conventional medical care that aims to empower and equip people to live their lives to the fullest. It frequently incorporates complementary and integrative practices that support conventional medical care and promote wellness. The method takes a comprehensive approach to health and, where necessary, collaborates with pharmaceuticals to ward off illness. Whole Health believes that there are many factors that contribute to good health rather than just one, so it strives to keep the body as healthy as possible and, when illness strikes, employs the body’s natural healing mechanisms to combat it.



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