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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Oleg Zhdanov: how the Armed Forces of Ukraine overcome the “Wagner line” |The Odessa Journal

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In the east of Ukraine, the so-called “Wagner Line” defense line is undergoing basic training. Due to the rainy season, all work has been suspended. 

Oleg Zhdanov, a military analyst, discussed this on FREEDOM. Without more engineering equipment, all of the ditches that will be removed today during the wet season will develop into swamps. Water will accumulate in these pits when their edges disintegrate. This is currently the defense line’s primary preparation, according to Zhdanov.bIt is extremely uncertain how long the Russians will be able to occupy and retain it. The “Wagner Line” may not be a significant barrier for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in its current configuration, according to Zhdanov. Experts find it challenging to identify the line of defense for the work done by the RF Armed Forces on Belgorod’s area. Zhdanov concluded that for the time being, this is a PR campaign designed to intimidate citizens into not speaking out strongly.



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