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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Older Americans are moving in with people their age to play bocce, make art, and be their true selves | Insider

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Instead of relocating to senior living facilities, some older Americans are creating cohousing communities.

Living options known as cohousing involve residents owning a unit while sharing common areas. Residents claimed that cohousing enabled them to live their most genuine lives and prevent social isolation. About a mile outside of downtown Port Townsend, there is a 28-unit self-governing condominium complex called Quimper Village. According to the village’s website, residents participate in one of several “teams” that manage the village’s operations, including gardening and landscaping as well as financial planning. The website also boasts features like a bocce court and an art studio that are also run by locals. Cohousing, a living arrangement in which members own or rent their own home but also share a common dwelling with their neighbors, which may include services like laundry and a communal kitchen, first appeared in Denmark in the 1960s. Maintaining a sense of community and tight ties isn’t always simple, Salmon said. However, this location enables us to drive less and engage in activities that foster friendships. Barbara Chase, 71, claimed that during her career as a corporate-management consultant, she felt as though she had to conceal her lesbian identity in order to get the respect of her colleagues and clients.



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