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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Offering hope for Christians in the Middle East | CP

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The future of Christianity in the Middle East has a lot to gain from the contributions that the Syriacs can make. 

Following the Saifo massacre in 1915, which was ordered by the Turkish government and carried out by pro-Ottoman Kurdish tribes, Christians from northeastern Syria, primarily Syriac Orthodox and Catholics, fled to southeast Turkey.  Syriacs prospered from the ideals of self-rule held by Syrian Kurds when the Kurdish-led Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria and the United States began to coordinate to fight ISIS. They managed to construct self-defense units and establish Syriac as the second official language in their localities. The American government can engage with the Syriacs more and work on extensively training their brigades because of the United States’ presence in northeastern Syria and partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces. This is similar to what the American government does with the Kurdish special forces.



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