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Monday, December 5, 2022

No-nonsense personal trainer ‘inspires wheelchair users to get up’ and workout at gym | Cambridge News

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Javeno has been helping disabled and elderly people fall in love with exercise. The father of two shares the footage of his motivational coaching sessions to his 82,000-strong TikTok fan base, where they have gained widespread traction.

Owner of the J7 Health Centre in Manchester and avid exercise enthusiast Javeno believes that his videos are now motivating wheelchair users all over the world to ‘get up’ from their seats for the first time. Javeno said: “This is an honor and a pleasure that I take very seriously. I wanted a facility that would be full of energy and have workouts that were appealing for the entire family.” A video shows Marley, a 14 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy, successfully supporting himself at on a bar. Javeno says that his videos are motivating wheelchair users all around the world to “start moving,” and receives videos of many people replicating exercises they never though they could achieve. 



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