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Thursday, December 1, 2022

New evidence about when, where, and how chickens were domesticated | Science Daily

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Researchers had utilized ancient chicken DNA to determine when and how chickens were initially developed as domesticated animals.

Experts have reassessed chicken remains discovered at over 600 sites in 89 countries. Chickens were domesticated circa 1,500 BCE in Southeast Asia, and by 7,000 BCE, they had moved through Asia and the Mediterranean into Europe. Dry rice cultivation functioned as a magnet to attract wild jungle fowl from the trees, initiating a closer link between humans and their wild progenitor, the red junglefowl. According to academics, the introduction of dry rice cultivation worked as a stimulus for both the chicken domestication process and its worldwide dissemination. The scientists also used radiocarbon dating to determine the ages of 23 of the presumed oldest hens discovered in western Eurasia and northwestern Africa.

The majority of the bones were far younger than previously believed. Using radiocarbon dating, scientists have determined the importance of chickens in early communities for the first time. The spread of chickens to Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Europe was significantly facilitated through maritime routes. Dr. Julia Best of Cardiff University said, “Our findings emphasize the need of directly dating suggested early specimens.”

Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/06/220606181159.htm


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