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Saturday, January 28, 2023

‘Never held anyone accountable’: Kyle Mullen’s mom fears no Navy SEALs Hell Week changes | App.com

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A military autopsy determined the cause of death to be pneumonia and revealed the 24-year-old went untreated until it was too late. 

Kyle Mullen, a former football and basketball standout at Manalapan High School who later played football at Yale and Monmouth universities, passed away on February 4 in San Diego hours after completing the challenging phase of SEAL training known as “Hell Week.” A military autopsy determined that pneumonia was the 24-year-cause old of death and found that he was not treated until it was too late. This month, the outcome of the chain-of-command probe by the Navy is expected to be released. Capt. Brad Geary, the commanding officer in charge of Mullen’s SEAL training, will not only avoid further reprimands, in her opinion, but will also be promoted. 

Source: https://www.app.com/story/news/military/2022/12/09/navy-seals-hell-week-kyle-mullens-manalapan-mom-fears-few-changes/69711166007/ 


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