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Friday, March 24, 2023

Need to know | Psyche

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Wonder necessitates deliberate consideration and involvement. It raises questions about “how” and “why.” It might even spark conjectures about alternative realms. Wonder inspires focused research and discovery. 

We are able to interact with others more fully not only when discussing important contemporary issues like diseases and climate catastrophes, but also when discussing subjects like cosmology and evolution because of wonder and the learning it fosters. You can regain your wonder and keep it at levels that are so satisfying that they become self-sustaining by using practical tactics. 

  • Conduct regular introspections 
  • Embrace the proliferation of wonder 
  • Adopt diverse ways of wondering 
  • Look for anomalies and puzzles 
  • Explore contrasting cases 
  • Entertain counterfactuals 
  • Practice win-win wondering with others 
  • Create a checklist for those wondering 



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