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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Nearly 50% of Employees Are Looking for New Jobs This Year | PR Web

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Management of goals and performance assistance. A revolutionary human resources tool for the contemporary workplace. 

Nearly half of those questioned want to seek new employment over the next 12 months. On the reasons why workers have quit, career aspirations and promotion rank high. Nearly half (48%) of survey respondents report feeling “stuck” by outdated objectives. People who feel constrained by their aspirations also dislike working for their firms. Sixty percent of workers said they lack a mechanism for documenting professional goals and identifying the required skills. 

Sixteen percent of respondents say that their HCM always supports employee feedback and goal management. Twenty percent of managers feel that HR software can always match their team’s demands. There is a correlation between regular management check-ins and employee satisfaction, engagement, and intent to remain with the company. Less than half of managers claim to have a method for calibrating, auditing and balancing evaluations and rankings that is fair, transparent, and effective. One-third of managers believe they have an effective succession planning strategy. Betterworks conducted the Betterworks Performance Enablement survey from February 16-23, 2022. 


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