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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Navy Seal John Maclaren Continues to Serve His Country in Multiple Ways | Muscle and Fitness 

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Meet the former Navy SEAL who uses science to fight mental illness.

Individuals who can call themselves Navy SEALS may be the gold standard when it comes to physical health. John MacLaren is an example of working hard to become a Navy Seal. Even though he was a runner and was a part of a Navy 10K running squad at 19, he was small compared to the average SEAL. John MacLaren is the executive director of Direct Action, Inc., which assists students in preparing to work as Navy SEAL and BUD/s graduates. He also gives extensive instruction on mental health, which he believes does not get the attention it deserves. Regardless of where people come from, mental health is a component that should never be overlooked.

He teaches pupils how to utilize their prefrontal cortex, the brain region responsible for motivation and drive, using science. The more positive repetitions you complete, he argues, the better your mental health will be, as will your physical health.

Source: https://www.muscleandfitness.com/athletes-celebrities/pro-tips/navy-seal-john-maclaren-continues-to-serve-his-country-in-multiple-ways/


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