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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Mysterious blue ‘aurora’ spotted over Lapland is ‘unlike anything ever seen’ – and may have been caused by a Russian submarine testing ballistic missiles | Daily Mail

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Photographs, which are as lovely as they are enigmatic, capture a blue ribbon of light that lit up a small Lapland village and perplexed people. Swedish skywatchers initially believed the spectacle to be a peculiar type of aurora, but as they stared longer, they noticed that the green aurora was dancing around the blue light, which remained stationary. The town of Abisko is well known for possessing its unique natural marvel in the shape of a “blue hole,” a stretch of sky that ranges in size from 3.8 to 7.7 square miles and is always clear, no matter the weather. The cause of it may have been a Russian submarine testing intercontinental ballistic missiles, according to experts who rushed to determine what it could be. This idea is supported by the fact that on November 3, the day the blue light was first noticed, Moscow successfully test-fired a Bulava ballistic missile from the Russian nuclear-powered submarine Generalissimus Suvorov in the White Sea. When particles from approaching solar storms collide with gases in our planet’s atmosphere, the result is frequently these spectacular displays.



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