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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

My Top 7 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs | Lindsey Pollak

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One of the most acceptable ways to expand your skill set as a professional is to learn how to push the limits of your abilities within a defined set of restrictions.

Regarding controlling my time and avoiding overcommitting to projects when my calendar is complete, “calendaring” has greatly assisted me. Physical activity is my Kryptonite. I wouldn’t say I like it and have to push myself to do it, so I mix it with something I enjoy: conversing. I plan a portion of my phone conversations as “walk and talks” so I can exercise while doing something I like. I like using music to assist me in doing tasks that I find intriguing or exciting.

I always carry earplugs so I can drown out the surrounding commotion and find some calm. Having a decent conversation opener is an excellent tactic if you’re introverted or socially uncomfortable. I always have the same breakfast, wear the same color of shoes to events, and request the same supper when traveling.

Source: https://lindseypollak.com/my-top-7-productivity-hacks-for-entrepreneurs/

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