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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Multidomain operations concept will become doctrine this summer | Defense News

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The US Army has enhanced its concept of multidomain operations. Army Reinstates Overmatch to Deter and Defend

The United States Army has spent around five years perfecting its concept of multidomain operations warfighting. The military has issued many iterations of its MDO idea, fine-tuning it via review, exercise, and wargaming. The final edition will cover rivalry between big powers and the possibility of confrontation with near-peer opponents. Five MDO task forces will be assigned to distinct areas of operations, ranging from Indo-Pacific Command to European Command. Multidomain processes occur throughout three operational phases: competition, crisis, and armed war.

It tackles the threat posed by peer competitors by deterring them with tiered capabilities at stand-off range. Additionally, the plan necessitates a “mission command approach” to command and control. The Army is developing “playbooks” for operations against near-peer competitors like Russia and China. According to the new doctrine, the Army must be able to deny objectives, dissuade additional opponent military action, and alter the adversary’s risk calculation. The Army should maintain a desirable security environment during competitive operations, enhance operational planning, and increase its capabilities and partners. The doctrine will need to be updated, but it is intended to assist the service in transitioning to a force capable of outmatching its opponents.




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