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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Mozart Group: The counter to Russia’s infamous Wagner Group mercenaries | Forces net

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The Mozart Group was founded by a former US Special Forces commander with the goal of passing on his and other veterans’ battlefield experience.

In Ukraine, a former US Special Forces commander has established a military training center to carry on his and other veterans’ combat expertise. Colonel Andrew Milburn, a former US commander who was the first US Marine to head a Special Operations Task Force in the fight against the so-called Islamic State, is now focused on teaching Ukraine’s Special Forces the military capabilities they need. Colonel Milburn’s mercenary group is known as the Mozart Group, in contrast to Russia’s notorious mercenary group, The Wagner Group. Those who join are given an unknown amount for their skills, which is financed by contributions. Colonel Milburn claims that he has already engaged numerous British Army veterans and that the scope and nature of the conflict in Ukraine are beyond anything he has ever seen. An estimated 5,000 international volunteers have allegedly arrived in Ukraine’s battle zone to join the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, which is a loosely organized group.

Source: https://www.forces.net/ukraine/ex-us-special-forces-commander-sets-ukraine-based-military-training-centre

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