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Friday, December 9, 2022

Motivation Is Affected by Oxidative Stress, but Nutrition Can Help | Neuro Science News

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Better and more consistent performance in motivation-based activities was connected with higher levels of glutathione in the nucleus accumbent. 

According to research, enhancing accumbal antioxidant function through diet or supplements may be a practical way to assist increase motivation.  A study that provides some initial insight into the solution to that question has just been published by Sandi’s team in collaboration with their colleagues from the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences. The “nucleus accumbens,” a region deep within the brain, was the focus of the researchers’ attention. It is well known to have a significant part in the regulation of processes like motivation. To evaluate the amounts of GSH, the researchers used the procedure on the nucleus accumbens of both rats and humans. The performance of their human and animal subjects in standardized, effort-related tests that gauge motivation was then compared to those levels. They discovered that greater and more consistent performance in the incentive tasks was connected with higher GSH levels in the nucleus accumbens.



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