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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Modified Cell Immune Response Key To Defeating Lymphoma, Leukemia | Zenger

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Special CAR T cells are engineered by scientists to target leukemia and lymphoma.

T cells are white blood cells that constantly patrol human tissues and blood vessels, searching for germs and viruses. T lymphocytes may also identify certain cancer cell surface features. Theoretically, when these modified CAR T cells are given to a patient through infusion, they proliferate and continue functioning as a living medication capable of destroying particular malignancies. CAR T cells with distinct human leukemia or lymphoma cells significantly inhibited tumor development. Relapses did not occur until much later, and adverse effects were reduced since fewer cells were employed.

The group is now seeking professionals and funding to perform clinical investigations. In November, they want to disclose their results to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, which authorizes such medicines.

Source: https://www.zenger.news/2022/08/03/modified-cell-immune-response-key-to-defeating-lymphoma-leukemia/

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