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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Meet The M2 Carbine: Why This Might Just Be The Best US Military Rifle Ever | 1945

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Despite the fact that the M2 Carbine is outdated in comparison to current rifles, it nonetheless maintains a large following. What does history think of this weapon?

The M2 was a straightforward upgrade of the popular M1 Carbine. Carbines are infantry rifles that have been shortened for mobility. They were initially designed as a more maneuverable weapon for cavalry. Prior to World War II, the US Ordnance Department recognized that the emergence of paratroopers and fast-moving armored columns meant that enemy forces were more likely than ever to ambush rear-line support and artillery troops. The intermediate-power match did not always kill adversaries they struck, particularly at long range, which was an issue shared by the M2 and the M1. When kept in a loaded carbine for many weeks, the cartridges were similarly prone to rust. The M2 just does not fit easily into current weapon categories, with the exception of maybe being used as a personal defense weapon. It was, however, unquestionably the first portable long-arm automatic weapon to receive widespread usage in the US military.

The M2 made their way in small batches to troops toward the end of World War II, but these rifles saw more actions in the Korean war. Deployed to the rear troops, they were used against Communist ambushes. Capable of automatic fire, the M2 also become a favorite for night patrols. The weapon had a cyclic fire rate of 750 rounds per minute, and could use a new curved thirty-round magazine. There is some contention over whether the M2 can be considered a rifle since a carbine is distinguished from its counterpart due to its short barrel. However the M2 had a longer barrel than German Mp-43 and the AK-47.

Source: https://www.19fortyfive.com/2022/04/meet-the-m2-carbine-why-this-might-just-be-the-best-us-military-rifle-ever/


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