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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Media Roundtable: The legacy of deadly night raids by CIA-backed Zero Units in Afghanistan | KALW

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Lynzy Billing talks about her ProPublica investigation, which reveals the deadly operations and nightly raids carried out in Afghanistan by the covert, CIA-supported Afghan Zero Units special forces. 

Billing recorded numerous Zero Unit squad night operations and counted at least 452 civilian deaths during a four-year period. In areas that were rarely, if ever, visited by reporters, she traveled hundreds of kilometers across Nangarhar interviewing survivors, eyewitnesses, medics, and elders. The causes of the civilian killings were rarely known, but the bereaved people she spoke to in these isolated settlements shared a common hatred against the Americans and the government of Kabul that was supported by the US. 

Source: https://www.kalw.org/show/your-call/2022-12-23/media-roundtable-the-legacy-of-deadly-night-raids-by-cia-backed-zero-units-in-afghanistan 


  1. The six phases of a big project:

    Unbounded enthusiasm,
    Total disillusionment,
    Panic, hysteria and overtime,
    Frantic search for the guilty,
    Punishment of the innocent, and
    Reward for the uninvolved.

    We are moving from phase five to six. SNAFU


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